Nick & Vanessa Lachey Introduce Son Camden

Meet Camden John Lachey!

Proud parents Nick and Vanessa Lachey shared the first photo of their 2-week-old son via Twitter Monday. “Nick and I are honored and humbled to introduce you to the new love of our lives,” the new mom, 31, wrote.

After one year of marriage, the Lacheys welcomed their firstborn child on September 12.

Just weeks before welcoming baby Camden, Vanessa opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about struggling with taking a maternity leave.

“I have struggled with this because I am an active person who constantly needs a creative outlet,” Vanessa admitted. “I hear from so many people about not losing yourself to your baby, but I personally feel that this is our time to be a new family. That being said, I don’t think the newborn phase should be the only time to be here for my baby. I think the beauty of being a woman is that you CAN juggle both.”


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  1. What a gorgeous boy!!! I am so glad that they didn’t sell first pictures of their son. To Giuliana Rancic: That’s what is called a save and classy way to introduce your precious baby, not by having him exposed to a photo shoot hoopla, because you don’t want the paparazzi to get the first pic.

    • I don’t mind when some celebrities sell the first photo of thier baby because thier are paparazzi that will do anything to get the first pictures. Those are normally the ones who are not on twitter and after the that first photo we don’t see thier baby for month sometimes a year.

      My problem comes in when some celebrities get greedy. For example Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson who sold nude photos, baby shower pictures, first baby photos and more. Only to post pictures of their baby on twitter soon after. Jessica Alba is another one who hid Haven away until after the pictuer were released. Only to have Haven be seen by the pops a week after the magazines photos were release, that when it becomes classless.

      • That’s pretty much what the Rancics did. They sold pictures of the baby shower, of the baby, and week later the cover titled “My Life as a Mom.” Stay tuned. There will be more. I bet my life on it.

        • I agree and it seemed like every other week Giuliana Rancic or her husband were selling some story to the tabloids.

  2. So basically she’s saying that she’s going to spending plenty of time exercising and trying to get the baby weight off.
    It saddens me that these celebs get so obsessed with their self image and when they have a young infant they spend hours a day working out. Bonding with your baby, being with it and caring for them is most important.

    Not your everyday women can afford to just hire a nanny and workout for hours a day.

    I remember Kate Hudson came out and said she would work out 6 hours a day, 3 hours at a time, how selfish is this!

    • she didnt say that at all, weirdo.
      don’t be jealous because you’re fat, some people have will power and don’t keep ‘baby weight’ until their child is grown.

  3. It’s not selfish. Babies sleep for hours a day. There’s plenty of time to work out. Your comments are completely ridiculous and make no sense at all.

    • It’s not selfish…but most moms would rather sleep when the baby sleeps than excercise…at least until you get into a groove. It is a balance…but at the end of the day…the beginning is precious and also daunting! Everyone is different…

  4. So she’s saying that she kinda needs to work right?
    Just curious, cause i actually don’t know, what is her job these days? i know she’s done MTV but what else?

  5. Congratulations! As soon as I saw the pic of the baby, I saw both of them in him, but I noticed he has the same nose as his Dad. He is so sweet looking!

  6. Too cute for words…very beautiful baby…reminds me when my son was born 19 months ago…enjoy every precious moment, you are a beautiful family.

  7. I knew that the two of them would have a beautiful child. They both have such dark, stunning features that any children they have are bound by genetics to be gorgeous. Camden is absolutely adorable and handsome. I wish them both all the happiness and well-being in the world. They are one of few Hollywood couples who are in love for real, and willing to at least try to live a more down to earth lifestyle wherein their priorities are far more about family than fame or fortune. Good for them.

  8. Wow what is wrong with worrying about self image after a baby, should we alljust get fat and stay that way after a baby? What favor are you doing your kid by staying fat and ignoring your health? I lost allmy b aby weight in 5 months, my husband loves that im notlazy and did not sit around using the baby as an excuse to not stay fit. He watched our kid when I went to the gym, god forbid!
    Too many women just stay fat, and dont work ont heir bodies and health after a child and use the kid as an excuse…the kid wants you fit and healthy trust me as a child of obese parents they cou8ld not do anything with me sports wise whenI was little because they were too damn fat and lazy.

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