Richie Sambora & Ava: Lunch In Calabasas

Richie Sambora took his daughter Ava and a friend out for a lunch at Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday (September 29).

The rocker recently shared that time has healed since his breakup with ex-wife Heather Locklear over five years ago.

He told Access Hollywood, “We’re very good. It’s actually even beyond for [our daughter’s] sake. Heather and I really respect each other and we’ve become better friends, I think, now that we’re not married.”

He added that they “go out all the time as a family,” and he’s currently “in a very good place” with Locklear.

Talking about 15-year-old Ava – Sambora said she’s dating.

“Throughout my parenting I have given her a moral barometer, because when they become teenagers, they’re going to be away from you more than they’re going to be with you. They’re going to make their own decisions. She’s dating. She’s already dated. I have a nice big house and I make sure all the kids come over to my place so I get a chance to [meet] them.”



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  1. uhm anonymous, that’s her real hair. she has always had really long hair like that.

    she’s beautiful, and Richie is a wonderful Dad.

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