Alicia Silverstone Shares Bear’s Latest Milestones

Doting mama Alicia Silverstone tells People that her little boy Bear Blu is busy talking up a storm these days.

“He’s really into words right now. He says ‘baby’ to everything and he says ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ all the time but I don’t think he knows which one is which. Some days I’m Mommy and some days I’m Daddy,” Alicia says of her 17-month-old son, adding, “He’s been saying ‘holla,’ which means helicopter. First I thought, ‘Why is he saying holla like he’s so cool?’ but I found out he’s using that word as helicopter.”

Another thing Bear is into? Shoes! The Vamps star says he regularly raids her footwear collection.

“He loves his shoes! He loves all shoes. My shoes, my husband’s shoes and his shoes,” Alicia reveals, explaining, “If you say ‘shoes’ to him he gets excited because that means he gets to go out to the park. The park is his favorite place in the world. He acts like he’s king of the park.”

Bear’s dad is Alicia’s husband of 7 years, musician Christopher Jarecki.


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  1. My kids knew the difference of Mommy and Daddy at 17 months, all kids are different but is he supposed to know the difference at this age? I’m not the mom that thinks her kids are geniuses or perfect but im just asking if thats “normal”… He is her twin! geez

  2. Hm, I am not impressed. I mean every child is different, I read that boys are sometimes a little bit slower and a lot depends on the parents, but I was an Aupair for 1 1/2 years to a sweet baby girl and I was always talking to her, so was her mom, who is an amazing mom and the baby girl could say “Mama” at 10 months and knew exactly who her mom was and the word “daddy” followed shortly after. At 16 months she knew all her body parts (not just “arm”, “leg” but even things like “knee” and “cheek” and “hair”). She was already speaking two word sentences at that time. But like I said, every child is different, plus the baby I took care of is raised bilingual, I think that makes a difference, too.

  3. My nephew, who turns three in a couple of weeks, still confuses me and his mother. He calls us both “Mom” even though he’s quite smart for his age and there is a large physical difference between us both. Kids all learn and grow at different stages.

  4. I still find it ironic that a vegan named her child, “Bear”. They’re one of the most extreme omnivores in the animal kingdom.

    • Yeah, but bears only do that because they’re “uncivilized”. Humans are omnivores despite knowing the pain and suffering involved in our foods. Bear is probably out of respect for the animal kingdom. x

      • I think most higher-end carnivores get that they’re causing some pain to their food, but hey, it’s all food to them. Give the animals a bit more credit than that, most of them can recognize pain & suffering. And I still think it’s hilariously ironic, general oddness of the name aside.

      • You’re kidding, right? Humans are omnivores despite knowing the pain and suffering? Gosh. Pigs, cows and whatever we eat don’t cry knowing that we will eat them tomorrow. They (I don’t know if there are any animals that have as much feelings as we do) don’t have that kind of feeling. It’s actually normal, since they are in the middle of a food chain. Humans being at the top of it is kind of a disadvantage because nowadays we overproduced meat and food in general and waste most of it – therefore a bunch of animals, products are killed and wasted all the time – but it’s completely normal to eat what you kill.

        Did you listen in biology class? You know we are animals too, right? And … you know plants are alive too so we do kill them when or before eating them. It’s life. Food chain. Biology.

  5. Don’t think it matters too much that a 17-year-old confuses mom and dad. My three-year-old Godson calls me “Nanny” and I’m 24! lol. x

  6. I thought she was supposed to be a vegan? Why does she look so old? He’s not looking so hot himself. Can you say iron infusion?!

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