Happy 6th Birthday Ramona Sarsgaard!

Name: Ramona Sarsgaard

Parents: Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard

Date of Birth: October 3, 2006

Siblings: Gloria Ray, nearly 6 months


♥ Ramona was born in New York City

♥ Mama Maggie spent the majority of her labor with Ramona at home

♥ In 2007, Ramona’s famous uncle Jake Gyllenhaal gave his infant niece a shout-out when he wore a shirt with her name on it during his his hosting duties on Saturday Night Live

♥ Maggie claims that she didn’t feel compelled to begin working again until Ramona was 1-year-old


“Now that Ramona is older, I enjoy hanging out with her as a friend. I know there’s the element of parenting where you have to be a mom and say no and do all the things that are not fun. But the fun part is being with this little person and learning about the world and listening to her questions. She comes and runs errands with me and we make it fun. When we talk, she talks like a person. She knows the words that she needs. She’ll ask me if she doesn’t. I like that.” – Maggie on the joys of motherhood.

“I was 28 when Ramona was born, and I had this idea that I think a lot of people in their twenties have, that I was supposed to do it perfectly. At least, if not perfectly, then exceptionally well. I’ve realized that that isn’t possible and that part of being a human is making mistakes—and making lots of them.” – Maggie on mommy mistakes.



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