Jennifer Lopez Dresses Daughter In $2400 Worth Of Chanel

Move over Suri Cruise, there’s a new mini fashionista in town!

On Tuesday, we spotted actress-singer Jennifer Lopez and her 4-year-old daughter Emme at the Chanel fashion show in Paris, France. As it turns out, the pretty preschooler rocked more than $2400 worth of Chanel accessories at the event.

For the mommy-daughter date, Emme donned a Chanel brooch worth $310 and toted a Chanel bag worth $2100, US Weekly reports. No word on the price tag on the rest of her outfit.

We can’t help but think of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ daughter, 6-year-old Suri, and her lavish wardrobe! In the past, Suri has worn $600 Jimmy Choo heels and carried a $1700 Dolce & Gabbana Mini Miss Sicily Handbag.

What do you think of Emme’s lavish outfit? Cute or insane?


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  1. Emme looks like a princess. Not only the dress, but the way she’s standing there , oh and just look at the way she holds her purse and that elegant smile on her face!!!! Simply adorable!!!!

  2. What a waste of money, especially since the daughter is so ugly..
    Poor twins, they take after their ugly daddy and not after their gorgeous mum..
    I know I’m mean, but that’s the truth..

    • I would’ve agreed with you last year but Emme is getting cute now. I dont know why people take comments so personal like you are talking about their kids lol @coco

      • You’re right, now she’s slightly better, but you certainly can’t call her a beauty..
        I agree also about commenting..

    • Can’t really disagree with you… definitely not the cutest kid out there, but still beautiful in her mother’s eyes which is all that matters.

  3. Emme is cute. I can’t imagine what you look like though. Only people who feel bad about themselves would make a comment like that.

    • You’r wrong: I can tell you dozens of celebrity babies who I think are super cute, but also the ones who I think are not.. Because it’s like this: not everybody is beautiful, just as not everybody’s smart, or whatever else.. Just as adults can be beautiful or ugly, so can kids..

      • Right again. There is nothing wrong with saying someone is ugly, even a kid, if thats truly how you feel. I think my kids are beautiful but if someone else doesnt OH WELL lmao

        • There definitely *IS* something wrong with, but nobody would ever expect neanderthals like you and coco to understand.

          It’s ok, though, it takes all kinds to make the world go around, and you two make me appreciate all the *NICE* people in the world even more.

          • Ehi, wake up! We are just being sincere with what we think of the appearance of celebrities or celebrities’ kids.. That’s gossip, this is a gossip website! Wake up!
            This is not reality, in real life beauty is not what really matters, but Hollywood is just a fake world of appearance and consumerism, so it’s perfectly fine to say what we like and what we don’t.. It’s there for this! To entertain us!

      • You are really quite naive in your subjectivity of beauty and intelligence.
        The way you worded the ‘ugly’ comment, you would think it is a fact. But it is actually just your opinion. I find her quite adorable, and feel like she is looking more and more like Jennifer lately.
        And saying that she is wasting nice clothing on a child you find ugly makes no sense. But I guess I never got the memo that only people who are perceived as attractive are allowed to wear nice things. God forbid a little girl, who may be ugly, wants to wear a dress that makes her look/feel like a princess…
        Want to know why making fun of a kid’s looks makes you a crappy person? Because children grow, and change. They are basically caught in 18 years of awkwardness, before growing into their appearance. Do you look at every elderly person you know and go ‘OMG THAT OLD PERSON IS SO UGLY, SORRY Y’ALL JUST TELLING THE TRUTH’? No, because that would make no sense. Because we all know that once we become older, we change. Why is it not the same with children?

        Oh and this comment, ‘Just has adults can be beautiful or ugly, so can kids…’. No. That is not how it works. Because NO one is just ‘beautiful or ugly’. What is beautiful to you, may not be beautiful to others.
        I do not find Chris Evans attractive at all. In fact, his looks make me want to gag. However, one of my best friends thinks he is the most beautiful man on Earth.
        It is all in the eye of the beholder.

        /rant. Just tired of hearing crappy people defend their crappy remarks.

        • No, I do not look at every person I meet and tell them “you’re beautiful” or “you’re ugly”, but- you see- that’s the difference between real life and gossip websites.. In real life being polite is fundamental, but when you visit gossip websites you can be more sincere about things like beauty and appearance. These websites are here for us to comment and I’m sure celebrities don’t care, so if I think someone is ugly or boring or whatever I’m just gonna say it.
          And children definitely can be ugly..

          OBVIOUSLY it’s my opinion, just like everything everybody else writes is their opinion, and if you find my expressions not accurate it’s because english is not my maternal language, so I’m sure I’m making mistakes every once in a while..

          • You really think it’s your lot in life to explain to the world how you find some children ugly?

            How sad for you. 🙁

          • It is not your expressions that are wrong, it is the thought process behind them that is abhorrent.

            Saying pretty clothes are wasted on a child you find ugly is MEAN. It transcends name calling, because you are basically implying that ‘ugly’ children shouldn’t even attempt to have any self worth by wearing something they think is pretty. How do you not understand how wrong a comment like that is (even on a gossip website!)? I am not contesting that you truly believe Emme is ugly – because there is a lot of people who do. But following it up with a ‘it’s the truth’ comment, makes it seem like you are taking your opinion as FACT. Which, like I said in my previous post, it is not.

            But whatever, maybe I am the one who is backwards through all of this. Because I never look at any child and think ‘OMG HE/SHE IS SO UGLY’. What is the point in doing that? They are not going to look the same in 20 years.

  4. she looks how Suri looked before the divorce.. 2400.00 outfits and shoes …wow no
    mentioning Ben afflict and hat life would b like if had his kids… Lucky Casper no need
    For a nanny when you have Marc in site to pick up either kid. Gee just like someone else we know Tom Cruise! Who never sees his daughter either.. What
    Now Jlo

  5. Super cute celebrity kids: the Afflecks,
    Flynn Bloom, Benjamin Brady, Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins, Aviana Le Gallo, Sam Schreiber, Leni Samuel..

    Ugly celebrity kids: Gia Lopez, the Sandler girls, Jennifer Lopez’ twins, Charlotte Prinze, Valentina Jaric…

    Some of them are not absolutely gorgeous but still so nice and funny, like Ania Mazur, Satyana Denisof, or Harlow and Sparrow Madden, Willow Sage Hart, Maddie Briann Aldridge…

    You see? There’s a lot in each category and it’s just normal to comment..

  6. Violet Affleck has got to be the ugliest celebrity kid. She’s got those huge ears, that huge gap between her teeth and she’s very gangly looking. 2nd ugliest – Harlow Madden, she is so pasty looking and with those black circles around her eyes and that kinky hair. Sadie Sandler takes 3rd place. Sorry, just my opinion.

    • Yeah, maybe Violet is not between the prettiest, but I find her features very interesting and particular.. But everybody has their opinion..
      I just wanna say Sadie Sandler’s got to be on top of the list!! 🙂
      Harlow is really not that pretty but I find her so sweet that I can’t even put her in the ugly list.
      At the opposite Suri Cruise is pretty but her attitude makes her not so nice looking..

      • I can’t believe y’all are actually taking the time to talk about children’s appearance. Appearance isn’t everything you know and I’m pretty sure that if you have kids you wouldn’t want people talking about whether your child is ugly or not. It really is pointless and RUDE for that matter. And also most if not all of these kids you mentioned are no where near developed yet , in a few years they may turn out to be beautiful children. Don’t judge poor little kids … It’s a waste of your time and flat out MEAN!

          • It’s a celebrity gossip site. You’ll get lots of opinions that you may agree with or not. It doesn’t make them right or wrong, smart or dumb, young or old.

        • I was just giving a couple of examples for the person before.. Everybody who visits this website, including you, is wasting their time, so don’t blame me!

      • I was sort of with you, agreeing that Emme and Valentina are not cute, but saying “I just wanna say Sadie Sandler’s got to be on top of the list!!” with a smiley face?? Too much.

        • Come on, I didn’t say she is a bad person, obviously every child has to be protected and loved, but we are on a gossip website, where we can allow ourselves to be not politically correct and to judge just the appearance of people who will never care about us..
          What I mean is this is exactly the place where we are allowed to be sincere even if it’s mean.. Normally you wouldn’t tell a person: “ehi look, you’re really ugly”, because in real life there’s so much more, but when watching celebrities it’s fine, who cares if it’s mean, if it’s your honest opinion? 🙂

  7. I don’t find this “article” interesting. Emme’s outfit is obviously part of the load of free stuff that Chanel (just like any other designer) gives to celebrities when they attend their events.

  8. All children are beautiful, who are we to judge? This little girl is so happy and proud to be with her Mommy, and Violet is such a happy and sweet little girl. There is no ugly in kids, just adults who judge them.

  9. I can’t believe how mean this is…you are all bullies.. Naming ugly celebrity kids is disguisting and you should be ashamed. Post your picture and let us decide if you are are ugly.

    • I can’t believe it either. And to see how many people are agreeing with the awful comments… It is sick!
      If you were to call a child ugly to their face, they are not going to understand that it is just an opinion. Most children would take it seriously, and be very hurt by it. I wish people would understand that this is the difference between saying something rude about a child as opposed to an adult. An adult can defend themselves, and boost their own morale because they have learned to cope with the negativity. Most kids don’t develop that until their late teenage years.

      • Dear Phie, you didn’t understand an obvious concept regarding the difference between real life and gossip websites.. Look up, I explained y opinion many times in the previous comments.
        Commenting people’s appearance on a gossip website doesn’t mean that in real life you would think just of that.

        • Between ‘real life’ and ‘gossip websites’. Ha. Are you KIDDING me? So, it is okay to be mean and a bully on a gossip website because obviously this small child will never read your comments right? You really think there is a difference? That internet bullying is less harmful than real life bullying?

          Well I am glad that I do not understand your ‘concepts’, because they sound pretty sh*tty to me.

      • I’m also disgusted with the stupid “ugly” comments above. I might indulge in gossip and judgement too, but only with regard to those people who are specifically out there to be judged or appreciated for some particular property of theirs. Like, I can comment on the looks of models and actors asking for attention, but would find it irrelevant to comment on the looks of Steven Hawking or Bill Gates because it’s not the point they’re making in this world. Similarly, despite this being a gossip site, these little kids didn’t choose to be in the spotlight or put themselves out for evaluation. The extent of their exposition is of course on the conscience of their parents to a degree, but the kids still absolutely have no say in all of this. Calling any kid, including these poor unwitting ones, “ugly”, even on a gossip site, is unwarranted and unethical.

  10. Nothing like teaching her children the value of a working dollar and how NOT to be spoiled! How unneccessary, especially when people are struggling so much in this economy. The kid will probably wind up to be a Paris Hilton type. Way to go, J Lo. Ugh.

  11. ok not all children are beautiful just like not all adults are beautiful but once you get to know a person and if there kind funny fun to be around they become more and more beautiful, and you see the person for the person!

  12. Agree the Lopez twins are not the cuttest, but no need to call them ugly either…all the kids are cute and sweet no matter how they look and it also depends what certain people see as BEAUTIFUL. I think Hank Baskett is adorable and also Brooke Burke’s two youngest kids are real cuties.

  13. Emme is starting to look a little cute to me. When I first saw a photo of her as a baby I was scared for her (hoping she would not grow up to look like Skeletor Anthony). She was not a cute baby!! I like her little outfit. She looks so happy to be there with her mom!

  14. I’m pretty sure J-Lo got everything for free. Honestly, Emme has grown into her looks and I’m sure the others will too. I’d be lying if I said I thought every celebrity child was cute, but I don’t think so. The difference is how you voice it or in this case “type” it. Let’s be honest here, I highly doubt everyone who visits this site thinks every child shown is cute; especially those who think people are bullies for saying a child is weird or ugly. And if you do, awesome!

    Do I think Valentina Pinault is weird looking child? Yes. But I do think that she’s going to blossom to look just like Selma. Does this make me a cyber-bully? No. It’s just a matter of opinion and how things are said. It is human nature to judge the looks of other human beings (children included) and everyone has their own definition of what is beautiful etc. It’s not right, but that is how the world works.

    Good Day!

  15. Don’t understand how anyone can say she’s ugly she is a child looks cute beautiful to me as a nana i don’t think it sould be all about the clothes it’s the person inside that matters.

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