Scott Disick: My Children Are My New World

Reality television star Scott Disick may be in the doghouse on more than one occasion with partner Kourtney Kardashian, but there is one thing the 29-year-old father is certain of – his doting daddy skills. Since the arrival of their daughter Penelope 3 months ago, Scott claims that the concept of fatherhood has taken on a whole new meaning to him.

“My son is my world and my daughter is my new world. So, it all combines,” Scott reveals to Us Weekly. “It’s pretty unbelievable starting another chapter in your life. It’s a lot better than not having children.”

It seems the home birth of their darling daughter has brought the couple – who are often the subject of tabloid split rumors – even closer together, at least according to Kourtney’s younger sis Kim Kardashian.

“They are better than ever,” she claims. “I feel bad Scott gets such a bad rap. Good thing they’re too busy being parents to pay attention to nonsense!”

“We’re good right now with how things are,” Kourtney seconds. “We’re just trying to figure out our new life with two kids.”

Scott and Kourtney are also parents to their 2-year-old tot Mason.


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  1. Kourtney did not have a home birth with their daughter. Had her in the hospital. She witnessed a home birth of a friend while pregnant. Maybe thats where the confusion started?

    • I agree, definitely didn’t have a home birth. She’s even seen on tape saying she doesn’t think it’s for her after witnessing a home birth.

      PS: the home birth she witnesses, wasn’t her friend. she actually met the lady in labor that day! lol i think it would be awesome to witness, but kind’ve awkward lol

  2. Definitely Courtney had baby at hospital. No wonder after witnessing the birth at home of another lady. As far as Scott , he has changed to the good so much , considering what a terrible person he used to be. I am real proud of Scott!

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