Taylor Hanson & Wife Welcome Baby No. 5: Wilhelmina Jane

Congratulations to Taylor Hanson and wife Natalie!

Baby No. 5 has arrived for the singer, 29, and his wife, 28. “Natalie and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Wilhelmina Jane Hanson,” the proud papa announces to PEOPLE. “She arrived on Tuesday, Oct. 2, and was welcomed by more love than could fit in the room.”

Wilhelmina joins big siblings Ezra, nearly 10, Penelope, 7, River, 6, and Viggo, 3½.

And how did the longtime couple come up with another unique baby name?

“Thinking back on all the children’s names has helped to give me a fresh perspective in choosing the name for the baby girl we are expecting in the fall,” Natalie blogged while expecting her fifth child. “It has helped to remind me how the right name seems to come at the right time and how, no matter how ‘perfect’ the choice, it will only be a part of all this little person will become.”

Taylor is part of the boy band Hanson with his brothers Isaac and Zac.

They just completed a world tour for their album Shout It Out, with sold-out dates throughout Australia. They are now working on their sixth studio album.


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    • Why is this name disgusting? That was kinda mean… I think it’s a beautiful unique name… I’m sure someone thinks “Anabelle” is a disgusting name also.. Didn’t your mom ever teach you that if you don’t have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut the whole way & not half way? Very very mean…

  1. So refreshing to see a young couple married for so long. Congrats to the happy couple!!! Not sure about the name though lol.

  2. I like Wilhelmina a lot, it’s classic and uncommon. I wonder what her nickname will be? I hope it’s not Honey Boo Boo-ish

  3. Though it is not (in my opinion) the greatest name, I can appreciate the uniqueness. I like hearing names that are outside of the the trends, i.e.: Kaylee, Kylee, Ava, Eva. I bet she’ll have a great nickname, perhaps Willa or Minnie.

  4. I have always loved their kids names Ezra, Penny & River but the last two started going downhill. Viggo is just weird, Wilhelmina is just terrible. Though I do agree with the person that said about the Kaylee’s and such. I’d actually take Wilhelmina over Kaylee
    Any day.

  5. Love the name!! Love all their kids’ names.. such unique & class in them all.. Amazing.. Congrats again Taylor & Natalie… Amazing job.. All kids are ADORABLE…

  6. Love the Hanson family. But except for the name “River” they have no selected a name that doesn’t depress me. I just think that they, like most all celebrities, try way too hard to pick a name that guarantees controversy and shock value. You’ll never convince me that their children will ever actually like being called “Viggo”, “Ezra”, or “Wilhemina”. I’m sure the kids will be taught to say that they like their “unique” names but I will never, ever believe that story. Kids rarely want to be different as much as their parents want them to be.

    I nonetheless wish the family nothing but the best. My criticism is toward celebrity baby name habits, not the Hansons. They’re terrific people and highly underrated musicians who deserve much more respect from the industry than they will probably ever actually receive.

    • My name, while popular in the country of my mother’s origin, is rather uncommon in the country where I grew up. As a child, I really didn’t like it; people made me repeat it several times, made me explain it, asked (in my eyes) stupid questions, and so on.
      However, now that I am an adult, I very much appreciate my name. It does make me unique in the country and culture where I live. It makes for a good conversation starter. And I have come to appreciate the beauty of the name and the fact that it reflects my heritage. Took me all my childhood and teenager years, but I got there 😉

      What I am trying to say is that if your name is not outright ridiculous (“Pilot Inspektor”) or otherwise embarrassing, you will come to like your name once you have grown up and realised that “belonging” or being like everyone else is not necessary.

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