Kendra Wilkinson: Deciding To Vaccinate Hank Was A Hard Decision

By Kim Grundy

Kendra Wilkinson recently opened up about her decision to vaccinate her son Hank when he was a baby. “Vaccinations are a controversial topic and it can be really confusing whether or not vaccinations are a good or bad thing for your child,” she wrote on her website.”While vaccinations are known to prevent outbreaks and disease, others believe they can cause developmental problems in children like autism. “

Wilkinson said she thought she had her mind made up while she was pregnant, but changed her mind after giving birth to him.

“I chose to vaccinate, but when I was pregnant I actually said I wasn’t going to,” she said in her video blog. “But after having him I had to make a quick decision– I mean the paper was right in front me after giving birth — and I had to check yes or no and I checked yes. I felt it was better for me and better for him. It was a hard decision to make.”

The Center for Disease Control has said there is no link between autism and the ingredient thimerosal in vaccines (although that ingredient has been removed from vaccines since 2001), however Wilkinson said she still felt outside pressure not to vaccinate.

“If I had gone off Hollywood or media I wouldn’t have vaccinated him, but it was my choice,” Wilkinson said. “My take on vaccinating your children is that it is the parent’s choice, like everything else,” she said.

The topic of vaccinating your children is a hot topic among both celebrity moms and non-celeb moms. Jenny McCarthy has been an outspoken advocate against vaccines and has said her son Evan’s Autism was the result of the childhood vaccines he received. She has even started a “Green Our Vaccine” campaign. Holly Robinson Peete, who also has an autistic son, said she is “not anti-vaccine,” but thinks there needs to be more studies done.

On the flip side, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek and Amanda Peet are all examples of actresses who decided to vaccinate. “I buy 99 percent organic food for Frankie, and I don’t like to give her medicine or put sunscreen on her,” Peet told Cookie magazine. “But now that I’ve done my research, vaccines do not concern me”

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  1. I think any parent doesnt vaccinate their children in a irresponsible. There has been no scientific research that suggest that vaccines cause autism. If people are so worried talk to your pediatricians about spreading out the vaccines so your child doesnt recieve them all at once. People are so scared but now we are finding that more children are being diagnosed with diseases that researchers worked so hard to eradicate many years ago. Why put your child at risk of dying from something that you could have controlled? Autism is NOT a death sentence!!

    • SMH- I just wanted to add to your dead on post…. In my opinion the reason some people “claim” inoculations cause autism is due to the fact that a lot of shots are given when child is around 18 months, the same age people start to notice symptoms of autism so asking doc to spread them out (as you suggested) would be a wonderful way to calm some of these nervous parents. Not sure why anyone is talking medical advice from Jenny McCarthy anyway. Does she have some degree we are unaware of. I wonder if her cousin Melissa feels the same way.

    • SMH and others – do you know what you are talking about? Do you know what is in vaccines? Do you know they are proven effective only 35-45% of the time? Do you know that the outbreaks are 70-90% vaccinated children/people? It’s a choice that should be up to the parents. Period. And the reason for not a lot of “scientific research” is because the pharma industry PAYS to have those studies done to shut people up. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Do your own research – don’t be just another member of the “herd”.

  2. I defintely thing you should vaccinate your children. If you don’t vaccinate your child could wind up with some horrible deadly disease!!
    Autism I doubt comes from vaccination, it’s some form of gene I’m sure. Plus.. in all honesty.. I’d rather my child have Autism than to die of Meningitis or other diseases because I didn’t give them that shot.
    I think if you are nervous about shots you should spread out when they give them to your child. I didn’t give my newborn the Hep B shot before we left the hospital. I waited until she was 2 months and her Dr was alright with that. And so was I. Frankly I was a nervous wreck before she had her first round of 2 month shots! I just kept thinking she was going to get some awful disease if she didn’t get them.

  3. You guys, I agree with you all, but let’s not forget vaccinating is not ONLY about your children, but about everyone else’s! The world would be such a nicer place if we all took care of each other instead of JUST worrying about what concerns us alone…

    • Lau, I agree all these people who dont want their kids innoculated are putting all the children around them at risk. Too many peopel today are concerned with themselve and their family and to HELL with the rest of us. I notice it everytime I am at an event. Parents pushing other parents and kids to get their kid a better view or to front of line for some freebie. I keep my kids away from those events and I teach them to respect others. It is hard to do when many other parents are not.

      FYI,in USA (at least in public schools) there are some vaccinations required- see following info from net regarding school entry- In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates and licenses all vaccines to ensure safety and effectiveness. No federal vaccination laws exist, but all 50 states require certain vaccinations for children entering public schools. Depending on the state, children must be vaccinated against some or all of the following diseases: mumps, measles, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and polio.

      • nyc mommy how are non-vax kids putting your child at risk? if your child has the vaccination then shouldn’t s/he be safe?

        and all 50 states have exempt laws for entering public schools.

        • And what about kids who CAN’T receive vaccines for some reason? Like my brother, who was deathly allergic to the DPT shot? Or children undergoing cancer treatments, or children with heart defects, whose immune systems are virtually nonexistent? How about babies under a year old, too small to have been given all their shots yet? All those kids are protected by “herd immunity” and could potentially die as the result of a parent choosing not to vaccinate. Some have.

          Just go on pretending they don’t exist, though, because obviously YOUR kids are the only ones that matter.

          • You are talking about a very specific case. I already sited the law on the vaccinations. and yes I do care about other peoples kids not just mine. carefully read peoples posts before judging. I am not talking about kids too young for vaccinations but the law in tristate area (NJ/NY/CT/PA) mandates kids needs to have vaccinations up to date before starting public school. Catholic schools require them too.

        • Joy: the less children vaccinated in a given area the less of a “herd effect” you have to protect children who can’t get vaccinated because they are too young or allergic to one of the components of the vaccine.

  4. I think it’s easy to sit back & judge other moms that do or do not vaccinate, but do you know their stories? No. It’s not only about Autism, not about Jenny McCarthy—its so much more. NVIC.ORG has great info. You do NOT have to have your child vaccinated to get them into school. There are exemptions in every state in the U.S. My oldest is fully vaccinated, I stopped vaccinating them after my last son had a reaction to his 4 month shots. 104 degree temp 2 hrs after recieving them, 7 different vaccines, “conveniently” in what was it 2-3 shots?? He also become limp, and slept for hours, couldnt wake him to eat–took him to the ER 3 times in 3 days…..Know what they said, “he had a virus” bs, he was FINE until his shots, the doctor said he “looked great.” then 2 hours later, he has a high fever and won’t wake…won’t eat….not normal. His fever lasted 4 days….he would eat maybe 2 oz before falling back asleep, {EBM} It was horrible and scary. This one size fits all schedule is dangerous. The U.S. has the sickest kids in the world and also the most vaccinated..hummm….????? DO your research into them before you blindy trust a medical professional. We have found a ped. who is 100% on board with what parents want to do as per vaccinating their kids….research…….

  5. Vaccine choice – the schools in NY, NJ and PA require vaccinations. And if you decide NOT to vaccinate your child, then you’re putting other children at risk. My little sister and brother who are twins were not vaccinated because my dad didn’t want them to get autism. Guess what? My little sister is autistic without getting a single shot. My little brother was not allowed in any school without his shots. There’s a reason why your child needs to get vaccinated. If you decide not to, you better home school your kids.

    • If vaccines work – then your “vaccinated” kids have no fear of getting the disease from unvaccinated kids. Because, as you say, vaccines work. Period. However – your vaccinated child could put my unvaccinated child at risk because your vaccinated child has the disease in his/her system – granted, not the “real” disease, but the genetically modified, full of aborted fetus cells and formaldehyde and mercury, and sheep cells, and aluminum, and chick embryos vaccine that is at most 45% EFFECTIVE.

  6. I live in PA and actually it is possible. A coworker of mine refused to vaccinate and she was able to get around it. But let me repeat no child should have more then 2-3 shots at one sitting. I do believe they can cause adverse reactions. That is why it is important up front to tell your peds dr that you wish to spread them out. Your children do not need chicken pox shots which occurs around tge 2 yr mark. Research there are vaccines that are not necessary but some that are and should be mandatory. And about people sayingthat unvaccinated children have no effect on the ones that are. What about pregnant mothers and their unborn children? Yes indeed you are putting others at risk.

  7. I´m from Argentina and I am really impressed by this fact you are mentioning. In my country, it is obligatory for all children to be vaccinated and this fact is so important that if you are over 16 and you do not have vaccination papers you cannot sign up for university and you cannot even send your kids to school if they have not taken their vaccines. Social services even pay some families to get their children vaccinated. I did not know that some vaccines could be dangerous. I am shocked by what I have just read over here.

    • Fernanda, it’s propaganda. Vaccines protect. These people are endangering their children – and others – because they believe people who simply do not trust the results of science.

  8. I don’t understand how a parent can question another parent about what he/she feels is best for “THEIR” child. I am not againt vaccinating a child but I also can clearly understand why any mother would be totally against vaccines. I myself made the choice to have my daughters vaccines spread out, but that was after a very long agonizing decision process. There is so much literature out there that is both anti and pro vaccinations.Which can be extremely overwhelming because it involves the health of a child. If your child has had all of there vaccines then why are you concerced whether or not another child has or has not?? I have seen first had some of the side effects of vaccinations which is why I had my doubts throughtout my entire pregnancy but in the end did what I thought was best for “MY CHILD”. Shame on all of you who judges any parent that decides they don’t want their child vaccinated.

  9. It really boggles my mind that people choose not to vaccinate. To people who don’t understand how not vaccinating puts other vaccinated kids at risk the best analogy I can think of is the vaccines are only as strong as the weakest link. Hypothetically, if everyone is vaccinated no one should get to diseases, cause it causes the disease to “disappear” however the more people who choose not to vaccinate causes a rise in diseases that weakens the strength of those who are vaccinated. Does that make sense? At the end of the day if I can prevent my child from getting a disease then I will do it.

    • That logic just makes NO SENSE to me. If we follow your logic, then your child will never drown because you DO NOT ALLOW your child to ever go into water because you can prevent drowning by forbidding a child to swim. You can also forbid your child to cross the street, and forbid your child from eating (due to choking).

      Vaccines are NEVER 100% effective. The outbreaks that are happening are mostly seen in vaccinated children. Vaccinated children that get the diseases they are vaccinated against do not have the proper immunity and therefore cannot fight the disease as well as unvaccinated children. It’s just logic. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and stop judging those who have done their research. We know way more about the benefits and risks of vaccines than those who just follow the herd.

  10. Vaccines protect not only the vaccinated, but anyone who is immune-suppressed.

    How much scientific evidence do you need? You people are ridiculous.

    Children shouldn’t suffer because their parents are so ignorant and ill-informed.

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