Giuliana Rancic: “Everything Feels Complete Now”

After a long road to parenthood, Bill and Giuliana Rancic are “loving every minute” with their 5-week-old son Duke. The proud new parents have teamed up with CBR (Cord Blood Registy) and “Healthy Futures” to talk about the importance of saving cord blood stem cells.

Giuliana opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about “savoring” moments with her “dream baby,” fighting over midnight feeds with Bill, and “enjoying being on maternity leave and spending as much time with Duke” before her return to work in November.

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with CBR® (Cord Blood Registry®) and “Healthy Futures,” to educate expectant parents about the value of cord blood stem cells.

GR: “We went through a lot of health struggles before finally being able to announce we were pregnant. Infertility, a miscarriage, and then a breast cancer diagnosis – it was quite a journey. Because it was hard for us to get Duke into this world, we wanted to make sure we did everything we could as parents to make sure he had the best life possible, and that included banking his umbilical cord blood with CBR (Cord Blood Registry).

When preparing for a new baby, every parent always makes a list of things they need to do before the baby comes. Cord blood banking should definitely be one of those ‘checklist’ items. Cord blood is full of millions of stem cells that could change or even save a child’s life one day. Though we hope we’ll never need to use them, we always say it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have. With “Healthy Futures,” we wanted to make sure every parent was educated about the value of cord blood stem cells so they can make an informed decision about cord blood banking.”

CBS: Tell us about the process of saving baby Duke’s cord blood stem cells when he was born. Was it a complicated process? Were you involved? Are you glad you did it?

GR: “We actually learned about cord blood banking and CBR about 12 years ago when my first niece was born. My sister put me in charge of the process on her delivery day. At first I thought I would literally scrub in to help in the delivery room, but the doctor handled the collecting the umbilical cord blood. I just made sure it was shipped to CBR’s lab in Tucson, which you’ll see us visiting in the new season of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network.

When Duke was born, Bill was the one in charge of the CBR kit, and he can confirm it was all an easy process! As we mention above, we are so glad we chose to bank Duke’s cord blood stem cells with CBR.”

CBS: Congratulations on the arrival of baby Duke! What kind of baby is he? Are you getting any sleep?

GR: “Thank you! We are thrilled to have Duke in our lives and could not be happier parents. Life with Duke is great – he has been a dream baby! We are getting some sleep but we’re also waking up every few hours to feed him and change him. He is on a pretty good schedule. He usually goes to sleep around 8:00 p.m. after his evening feeding and we are up about every four hours after that.

Bill and I sometimes fight over who is going to get up with him because we both want to savor every single moment with Duke. We’re loving every minute of it!”

CBS: How have your lives changed since the arrival of baby Duke? Is parenthood everything you were hoping for? Tell us the greatest joys & biggest challenges of parenthood so far.

G&B: “Duke has changed our lives in every way imaginable. Once we laid eyes on him, nothing else in the world mattered. We want to spend every second with him – watching him, holding him. Our entire day revolves around him and everything feels complete now. It has been everything we could have hoped for and more.

The greatest joys are truly every moment. It’s amazing to look at him and know that we created this little guy. So far, the biggest challenge has been leaving him for a few days for work. That was a lot harder than either Bill and I expected it to be. We knew it would be tough, just not the extent of how hard it would be.”

CBS: We saw that you’ve already returned to work (at the recent Emmy Awards). Was it hard to leave baby Duke?

GR: “I did return to work for E!’s Live From The Red Carpet for the 64th Emmy Awards. It was incredibly difficult to leave Duke and I can empathize with working moms. The night before I left, I was actually sobbing into Bill’s arms because I didn’t want to leave him. Bill gave me the little push I needed to realize that it was okay to go back to work for a few days, because I would be back in no time.

As Duke gets older, Bill and I are going to make it a priority to find a balance between work and our family. I really miss my E! News and Fashion Police work family, but for now, I’m enjoying being on maternity leave and spending as much time with Duke as I can before returning to work in November.”

CBS: Do you have a nanny to help out with Duke?

G&B: “We do have a nanny who will be living with us when we return to work in L.A. and we absolutely love her.”

CBS: It sounds like your experience with a gestational carrier was very positive. Are you planning to hire another surrogate in the near future? Or maybe you’ll try for your own pregnancy? Or adoption?

GR: “We had an amazing gestational carrier that we cannot thank enough for all that she has done for our family. As for the future, we are not ruling anything out, but for now we are focusing on enjoying Duke and savoring all of these new moments with him. Adding to our family is something we will discuss in the future, but for now, we are just focusing on Duke.”

CBS: What’s up next for you both?

G&B: “Right now we just want to focus on being a family and spending as much time together as we can. The new season of Giuliana & Bill is now underway – it’s crazy to think we’re on season 6!

I just launched by clothing line, G by Giuliana Rancic, on HSN which has been very exciting. Bill and I hosted a dating show together called Ready For Love that is set to premiere on NBC in early 2013. And of course I will be back to anchoring E! News and co-hosting Fashion Police in mid-November.

We have some exciting projects coming up, but above all, we’re enjoying life and the newest member of our family.”


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  1. It should really be mentioned that juillianna and bill are paid advertisers for CBR. Saying they “teamed up” makes it sound like they are donating time to a charity or something. Please be forthright with the truth. They have been plugging this expensive and overrated product on every outlet possible because they are getting PAID.

  2. I have never seen a new mom so busy doing interviews, promotions and even doing a red carpet event….. does she fit in any time for her new baby?


  3. @NS Guiliana doesn’t know how to take time off because she thinks the world revolves around her. she should go away and take care of her child most of the public is sick of her

  4. Like the Kardashians and the Hiltons, their living is doing publicity. Right or wrong, this is how they pay the bills. If you think you saw a lot of them before the baby, expect to see them non-stop now.

  5. So she got someone to go through pregnancy for her , AND a nanny to look after the baby – she has it all figured out. Way to go G.

  6. I agree with all of you; guys.
    The other day I tried to watch the last episode of their reality show because I was curious to see whats it about and I have to say this woman is really dumb… But SERIOUSLY? REALLY DUMB.. No words can describe it..

  7. I really like this couple and enjoy their TV show but I can’t imagine why two devoted loving parents would need a live-in nanny. Can’t at least one of them be w/ the baby at all times, especially during infancy? I’m guessing she has an iron-clad contract w/ E and they are making her fulfill her contract to the letter, baby or no baby. Why else would Bill be urging her back to work when she clearly had reservations about it, or so she says.

  8. Some of you people just don’t get it, do you? A nanny is a NECESSITY for people who have high profile jobs? They have her involved in their lives now so they can interact with her. Watching her interact with the baby, she and the baby are familiar with each other and she knows his routines. She is also developing a working relationship with Bill and Guiliana. She is not on duty 24/7, so get over it. People who desperately wanted a child this bad, do not like the fact that they have to have a nanny, but it is a fact of life for people who have these schedules.

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