Liev Schreiber & Kai Attend Public Theater Unveiling Event

Salt star Liev Schreiber posed for pics with a gorgeous blonde – his 3-year-old son Kai with partner Naomi Watts – as the pair attended the Unveiling of the Revitalized Public Theater at Astor Place in New York City on Thursday (October 4).

Liev joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg as the theater unveilled the $40 million renovation of its Lafayette Street home, which has served as its residence since 1967.

A special performance from the rock musical Hair – which had its world premiere at The Public when it opened in 1967 – was promised at the 10 am debut.

Liev is also papa to eldest son Sasha, 5.


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  1. The fifth photo just melts my heart. Look at the way Liev is holding his son so close and how Kai is snuggling into his chest. They are a beautiful pair. Naomi is a lucky woman!

    • Elizabeth- so funny you said that. I was just thinking about this because a ton of 7-11s just opened in city and I was wondering what they are going to do about their BIG GULPs (a staple of 7-11 for those who dont know). They are 40 ounces.

  2. I have always said that Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber have to have the two most handsome celebrity kids that I have ever seen EVER!! They are absolutely gorgeous looking children with their blonde hair and big beautiful eyes! Hands down the cutest celeb children!!

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