First Glimpse Of Sienna Miller’s Baby Marlowe!

Meet Marlowe!

Three months after actress Sienna Miller and her fiancé Tom Sturridge welcomed their daughter Marlowe Ottoline, we got our first glimpse of the adorable babe as she and her mom headed out for a stroll in New York City today (October 6). What a cutie!

The Factory Girl star has kept fairly quiet in the months since Marlowe’s birth, though she did recently reveal that she’s suffering from one post-pregnancy syndrome, saying, “I’m good though my brain doesn’t work.”


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  1. Marlowe is a tiny Tom Sturridge. Yet another to add to the list of little girls with gorgeous mothers who look like their dads, I’m looking at you Warren sisters, Emme Anthony and Sati Denisof!

  2. Wow, she looks just like her father! Not a bad thing at all, he’s handsome and she’s a very cute kid. Love the hair.

  3. I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s sooooo wrong to say when a child is not gorgeous. Some kids just are not as cute as others. This one is not cute. Same as Billie Beatrice Dane and Gia Lopez (both who look like their fathers-probably would have been adorable as boys but let’s be truthful, not cute as girls). Doesn’t mean they will not grow into being cute. Even of they don’t, looks are not everything. It just seems odd to me that everyone acts like ALL babies are supposed to be drop dead gorgeous and adorable because their parents are. Genetics doesn’t always work that way, people!

    • Because some people weren’t born mean. Not you, of course, you think it’s perfectly fine and normal to call babies names and comment on their ‘looks’ negatively.

  4. Why do celebrities insist on wearing their baby in these kinds of carriers? Bjorns are notorious for being the worst. It isn’t even right to wear your baby facing out …

    Get an ergo or better yet an action baby carrier.

    • Exactly! A bit of basic research could tell you that that position is detrimental for a little body. Shaking my head every time I see a celebrity use a Bjorn…

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