Pete Wentz & Bronx Tend To Their Pup

Pete Wentz and his three year old son Bronx were spotted picking up their puppy at the dog groomers in Studio City, Calif. on Saturday (Oct. 6). Wentz’s model girlfriend Meagan Camper was packing the pup in her arms while the tot held his papa’s hand.

Bronx – who’s mama is singer Ashlee Simpson – was spotted recently getting his curly locks trimmed with both his parents there to support him.

The former couple have been working hard at co-parenting their little guy.

“Everything at home is good,” the former Fall Out Boy frontman shared. “We try to make his life as easy to navigate as possible and he’s growing up so it’s important for everyone who loves him to be involved with his life.”


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    • Omg can we stop with the same comments?! It’s not like he is miraculously going to get one cause random women with time in their hands say this whenever they see a picture of Bronx? Can we all get over it? He doesn’t ‘need’ a haircut, for Christ’s sake.

  1. Ashlee and Pete appear to be doing a good job co-parenting post-divorce. No nasty custody battles, no fights in the press, Ashlee has been seen speaking comfortably with Pete and his new girlfriend. Everyone is outwardly mature for Bronx’s sake. Bravo!

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