Prince & Blanket Jackson: The Karate Kids

Prince Jackson, the eldest child of the late Michael Jackson, was spotted with his younger brother Blanket, 10, leaving karate class in Encino, Calif. on Sunday (October 7). The boys and their entourage of family and friends cruised over to the mall to do a little shopping in Beverly Hills.

Blanket sported his Karate Kids uniform and while his older bro resembled the “Karate Kid” with his red and white headband.

Looks like the King of Pop’s 15-year old son has his provisional permit driver’s license. He was practicing his driving skills as he carted the crew over to the mall. The teen is growing up!

Younger sister, Paris, 14, wasn’t spotted with the boys.


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  1. People are sick. He’s a teenager. Kids weight fluctuate as they grow. He’s not obese. He’s a tall kid, and he’s been through a lot of stress, so it’s not unusual for a boy his age. He’s a good looking kid. Blanket is adorable, as always.

      • There’s nothing wrong with chunky. He’s 15, so he’s still growing, and with hormones and stress, he’s bound to have a weight fluctuation. Cut the kid some slack, that’s all I’m saying. It’s not cool to pick on people.

    • In what way? His skin tone? LOL! He has darker hair than Klein, darker eyes than Klein, he’s at least a foot taller than Klein, and he’s not even built the same. He also has vitiligo like Michael. Peace.

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