Dennis Quaid On His Twins: “They Are Very Different!”

It looks as though Dennis Quaid‘s 5 -year-old twins Thomas and Zoe are keeping their daddy on his toes.

“They’re entering into what I call the ‘age of reason.’ Out of their two and three year olds, where you cannot reason with them, and now that they’re in preschool they’re like real big kids now,” the 57-year-old Vegas actor star reveals to Us Weekly.

The proud papa continues to discuss his little ones own unique personalities – and fashion sense.

“They’re very different!” he continues, citing buckling their own seat belts as a major recent milestone.  “[Thomas is] always running for mayor because he’s just a very happy kid and very trusting of everybody, very gregarious! [Zoe] is a really smart girl and she is a very girly girl! She was into fashion when she was 3 months old! She would look at my hat and go, ‘no!'”

When Thomas and Zoe get older, Dennis plans to introduce them intends to his repertoire of films, beginning with 1998’s The Parent Trap.

“Right now they think that my job is to be on the side of billboards on the side of the bus!” Quaid, who has a teenage son,

Dennis is also father to son, Hunger Games actor Jack, 20, with ex-wife Meg Ryan.


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    • In my opinon, cheating would make him a bad husband not necessarily a bad dad. Anyway, I never heard he cheated on current wife (only Meg Ryan) so not sure where you are getting your information.

  1. She filed for divorce earlier this year NYC mom. It was obvious he had been cheating on her, hitting on other women, partying too hard (nearly resulting in a DUI arrest etc etc She put the divorce on hold a few months later, but I think we will see the divorce move forward before this year ends.

    • She filed for divorce and papers stated that the marriage had “become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.” . Papers did not state infidelity and as you stated she withdrew request.

  2. NYC Mommy, very seldom does one state infidelity as the cause. In Texas, her reason of “become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities” is the same as ‘irreconciable differences’. She withdrew her papers because she knew damn well in TX she wasn’t going to receive nearly as much as she would had they been living in CA. TX is a no alimony state. As for Quaid’s infidelity check this link out that was in a New York paper. Even Serena Williams commented about it happening on her Twitter account.

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