Katie Holmes: Suri Debuts School Uniform

Actress Katie Holmes and her 6-year-old daughter Suri were seen arriving home after school on Tuesday (October 9) in New York City. This marks the first time we’ve seen the first-grader in her school uniform. She looks adorable!

Suri is attending Manhattan’s private Avenues school, near their Manhattan apartment. The private school with $40,000 a year in tuition boasts a rooftop playground, a fitness center and full-sized basketball and volleyball courts.

And what’s the latest on the Dawson’s Creek reunion?

Joshua Jackson, 34, sparked rumors of a reunion when he said he and former on-screen love talked on the phone.

But In Touch reveals that their chat was in fact about another TV show. “Josh called to see if Katie had gotten a call from James Van Der Beek to do a Dawson’s reunion on his new show,” a source close to Joshua and James tells the mag.

The insider adds: “James wanted them to come on his ABC show The B—- in Apartment 23. But they’re too busy.”


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  1. She looks like the teacher gave alot of homework today. I feel bad for Suri because (from what I can see) she did not go to school until 1st grade that means she went straight to real schoolwork instead of experiencing the play/learn format of pre-K and kindergarten.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how you can determine if she got a lot of homework or not. Unless you were sitting in the classroom, there is no way of telling by 2 people walking down the street.

  3. Well, my daughter went to a private school in Manhattan…Not for 40 but for $30,000/year. Even in the Mid school they were quite light on a homework. It was not until the 9th grade when the students suddenly realized that they were placed in various categories by the teachers and when they were told who could expect a recommendation from the school for a good college and who could not. At this point I had to take a control and make sure my daughter worked hard and placed on the right level of hierarchy. Plus all the pressure of keeping up appearances which is very hard if you are raised as manhattan girl. So, papa Tom should be prepared to pay for all that in her teens

  4. As a former elementary school teacher, I can tell you LOTS of kids are just plain tired out at the end of the day! I don’t see anything unusual in these photos! And, YES, first graders do have homework! NOT a ton but more than likely Suri has a short reading assignment, has to practice her spelling/vocabulary words, plus she probably has a math assignment! THAT is not at all over the top. As for her uniform…I think it looks smart! I am sure she has longer skirts plus there are probably slacks for cold, winter days! I like uniforms very much! Stops a lot of hassle in the classroom! Even public schools nationwide have school attire suggestions they like to see their students dressed in!

  5. I don’t know what it is, I’m sure she is probably a happy child, but there is something that just always looks sad about her. (Of course maybe it’s paps always being around… I would probably be annoyed too!). Her school outfit is adorable though, just like you would see for an Upper East Side prep school 🙂

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