T.I. & Tiny’s Blended Family: Channeling The Huxtables

Although he’s known for his hard-core rap songs and a recent stint in prison for a parole violation after a previous incarceration on gun charges, Clifford “T.I.” Harris is a proud family man.

The R&B star poses for In Touch, re-creating the iconic Cosby Show portrait with his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and their blended family of six children.

With their new VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle, they’ve been compared to the famous TV family.

“It’s flattering, though I like to think of us as a unique piece of our society!” T.I. says. “The Huxtables are more conservative, older and from a different environment. But we share unity, strength and prominence.”

The Swagga Like Us singer says it was his family’s support that got him through 10-months in prison.

“I went to see him every week and the kids talked to him all the time,” Tiny says.

And though it’s a handful with six kids from the age of 4 to 16, T.I. is enjoying family life. “It’s chaotic — but if it wasn’t, it’d be boring!”


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  1. All Huxtables kids had same mother and father. That is definitely something TI and Tiny cant claim.

    Only thing I can see in common with the Huxtables is T.I’s ugly sweater.

    • The huxtibles were a proud and smart black family with solid morols and understandings. Both parents where highly educated and smart. How can you compare these freaks to the Huxtables…..

  2. Please stop being critical of T I and his family.He is an excellent father,step father and husband.He wants the best for his family,stresses education and is very involved in every area of their lives.Give credit where it’s due.His kids are all doing well thanks to him and Tiny.They can be compared to the Huxtables.They are just more modern and relatable.Stop hating .He made mistakes and has learned from them.TI has great family values and motivates his kids to do good.I love them all!

  3. I grew up watching the Huxtables and this family comes very close in comparison to loving each other and the morals they attempt to instill in their children. Of course they have made mistakes but The Cosby Show was not a reality show so it is really not fair to compare the two. TI and Tiny are from the south which is the reason they have a Southern accent. I am a conservative person and do not allow my children to watch much tv but I would have no problem letting my children watch this show especially compared to the other shows on VH1.

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