Tobey Maguire & Family Take A Sunday Stroll

Tobey Maguire took his family out on a leisurely stroll on Sunday (October 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Seabiscuit star’s wife Jennifer Meyer walked hand in hand with the couple’s 3-year old son Otis while Ruby, 5, sauntered alongside her papa.

The 37-year old actor will hit the big screen again in the upcoming drama The Great Gatsby slated to be released next May. He will be joined by actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Isla Fisher in the film.


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    • Jen’s hair is wet in this photos – not dirty! They all look like they just got fresh haircuts. Jen may have opted out of having it styled after a trim. Understandable especially if the kids were getting antsy or something.
      I love how Ruby has on 2 different sandals! Same style but one is silver and the other is black or navy. (See last pic.) It’s awesome theat they let their kids just be kids!

  1. Seriously what century are you guys from that you care so much about how long a little boy’s hair is? Personal choice of the parents and child and none of your business!

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