Tori Spelling Introduces Son Finn Davey

Proud mom Tori Spelling covers Us Weekly with her 5-week-old son Finn and opens up about how she nearly lost her life fighting for her unborn son.

When Tori was twenty weeks into her fourth pregnancy, she was diagnosed with placenta previa — a condition in which the placenta covers the cervix, leading to massive internal bleeding. She was even at risk for a bleed serious enough to force doctors to terminate her pregnancy.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, 39, spent 10 weeks in the hospital and four months on bed rest. During her ordeal, she kept her condition secret from fans.

“I just remember thinking, I can’t leave three children behind,” Tori says of Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 12 months, whom she shares with husband of six years Dean McDermott.

Tori’s condition was caused in part by becoming pregnant just one month after giving birth to her third child, and undergoing three prior C-sections.

After enduring nine massive bleeds — and one very close call — Tori welcomed baby Finn Davey McDermott on August 30. Three weeks later, the Craft Wars host underwent emergency surgery after her C-section scars burst open.

The mom-of-four shares the first pictures of baby Finn — along with mom, dad and his three siblings — shot in the family home in an eight-page spread.

“When they put him in my arms I was like, ‘We made it.”” she says. “We have an insane bond. We’ve been through hell and back.”

For the exclusive first photos of baby Finn and how Tori stayed strong during her condition, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands Friday.


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  1. Please please please Tori be done with babies! At least birthing them. The next time could very well be the last time! That kind of risk is just not worth it, you are blessed with four beautiful kiddos. Take it and run 😀 there is always adoption or surrogacy in the future

    • Choosing how many children or the method of adding children to her family is her and her husband’s choice alone. I’m sure she will make the best decisions for her family.

      • Oh so it’s fine to have a thousand children, even if your body can’t handle it? Oh and it’s really funny how humans seem to forget that having children is not really something “personal”. What I mean is that it’s not all about you, it can affect the whole population in a near future. We are 7 billion, now. If we grow any bigger, famine will be greater, potable water will be rarer, life condition will worsen … is it really what we want for future generations? Aren’t we growing a little too selfish now?

        • You are PLEADING with Tori Spelling to listen to your reproductive advice…. and YOU’RE the one moaning that people take things too seriously?!?!?

          L O L O L O L L O L O L O L L O L O L O L

          • Oh please lady…if you think I’m actually trying to talk to Tori Spelling directly, you are kinda dumb!

  2. I am all for women having birth choices but to have so many c-sections back to back is nutty, and I would have thought any doctor worth their salt would be telling her so. Time for the snip, Dean!

    • Maybe her doctors did tell her and she ignored them. A doctor can only do so much – they can’t force a patient to listen to them.

  3. Her family is so beautiful! She makes amazing children, but 4 (plus 1) is plenty. She needs to be around and healthy to raise the four little ones she has. But geez, gorgeous babies! I love her and she is a wonderful mother. Happy she has been blessed with four healthy little ones! Everytime I see Liam, I just wish Bill Cosby still did the kids say the darndest things, because Liam would steal that show! That little boy is so funny!

    • I think it is so funny when people online who have never met a person say thing like “she is a wonderful mother!” How would you know?

  4. I like Tori Spelling, but I have to say this…who gets pregnant one month after having another baby?! That was just dumb. She should have waited at least until her body healed. Women are not meant to have children back to back like that imo. That said, he is a cutie and I am really glad that they are OK!

    • Irresponsible people who do not follow doctor’s guidelines. I had all three of my children via C-section (two failure to progress and third one was scheduled) and each doctor advised NO sexual intercourse for SIX weeks. It is major surgery after all. She took a risk having sex and getting pregnant so soon (probably part of reason she ended up in hospital after she had Finn)

      • I had a c-section with my daughter (failed to progress after 38 hours and got a fever) and I remember my doctor telling me and my then-husband that 1. we should NOT have sex for at LEAST 6 weeks. and 2. a c-section is a lot harder on your body – so it’s recommended that you wait at LEAST 18 months before getting pregnant again. obviously – a lot of people don’t listen and do get pregnant before their body is truly ready (ie: Tori, Britney Spears, etc) But I was 20 years old and knew better than to risk my health and my future unborn child’s life. It seems incredibly selfish (IMO) that someone would hear the warnings, and just toss them to the wind and say nothing will happen to them.

        Obviously – I am happy that Tori and her son are both healthy, and every baby is truly a blessing.

  5. Not a fan of Tori’s, but her children seem happy, and that’s great! Finn is a beautiful little baby boy! Glad they are both ok.

  6. Why in May of this year did Tori falsely proclaim, “This is my best pregnancy yet!” when she posed in mono-kini pics with Splash??

  7. I’m glad Tori and her baby are healthy. Believe it or not, I actually like Tori. But it’s kind of annoying when people (from other sites) are saying good Dean needs to get off Tori, as if she just layed on the bed without a choice in the matter. With that pointless rant said, I hope she understands (I mean she has to have common sense) that she needs to take care of the 4 she already has and not worry about expanding her family. Best wishes to her!

  8. There’s a reason why doctors tell you to wait to engage in sexual activity after having a baby. Tori is a prime example of what can actually happen when you get pregnant again so quickly. I’m glad everyone is healthy and thriving.

  9. I am glad Finn and Tori are well but l agree time to call it quits. My SIL had placenta previa & both my twin nephews almost died too.

  10. She got pregnant 11 weeks after having her baby. I’ve never heard of a doctor telling any woman to wait more than 11 weeks.Yes she got pregnant too soon after a c-section and she paid the price, i’m pretty damn sure she is aware of that. I don’t see the point in everyone going on about it over and over again. It already happened she can’t take it back its done move on people. Plenty of women have slips and get pregnant again quickly.

    • Actually in the article she says she got pregnant a month after having Hattie so not sure where you got 11 weeks.

      She was only 37 weeks when she had Finn

      • She was due around September 20th, which means she got pregnant towards the end of December. That’s not a month later after Hattie was born. That’s over 2 months, which does work out to be about 11 weeks. I’m not sure why Tori keeps insisting Hattie was a month old.

  11. Thats what happens when you get pregnant after only 6 weeks after giving birth,sorry but i dont have sympathy.Contraception is there for a reason

  12. I’m guessing this isn’t the whole truth, I bet she had some form of accreta, where the placenta literally implants in the scar or c-section moms. There’s a pretty high likelihood that she ended up with a hysterectomy.

  13. Bed rest for four months??? Hmm, then why did she film some Christmas show up in Colorado, host a television show, move into a new house, and post a gazillion pictures of of her “bump” claiming this was her best pregnancy yet?? Sorry, this does not seem like a woman who had a pregnancy crisis that almost ended her life. It’s more like, she had to create a drama filled story in order to end up on the cover of a tabloid! She is so full of lies and BS!

    • Agree with you here she was on “the talk” , posed for photos the 4th of July and all the while claiming she is having the best pregnancy ever. Seems like no mag wanted to pay them for just baby pic but was willing if the story was juicy. Something doesn’t add up here.

      • Exactly. If you search Tori Spelling on this site alone you can see that there isn’t a four month span of time in between pictures of her.

  14. This couple is incapable of producing anything other than beautiful babies. And here’s another one. He’s adorable.

  15. Perhaps Tori wanted everyone to believe it was a great pregnancy bc she was afraid she would garner negative comments for having two children so close together so instead she made it out to be better then it actually was.

    • And judging by the vicious I-Always-No-Betters and the I-Would-Never-Do-This’s and the How-Dare-She’s all over this site (and others I’m sure)… can you blame her?

  16. Yes, I do blame her for lying to get on the cover of a tabloid! This woman chooses to air every minutia of detail about her life. So why would she keep a life threatening complication a secret when it would have garnered her more publicity? And she was out there in force doing projects and photo ops during this pregnancy…not in bed like she proclaimed for this bogus story. I don’t suffer fools lightly! Tori Spelling is a phony and annoying! She will say anything to get attention!

  17. Wait I am confused. Was this “the best pregnancy ever” or a “scary, life threatening pregnancy?” Tori has said both.

  18. Sorry but this has to be a false story. 4 months of bed rest? When ? Look back on this site and you will see she was in Utah in feb/march in full ski gear, flew to NYC in April for her book, May was Stella’s birthday party and she talked about big memorial day party,july 4th ugly monokini photos etc. She jjust wants press. Sorry but she is a phony. I don’t think her show is coming back T & D so they need press. Glad the kids are healthy however.

    • I just read the article today and she didn’t go on bedrest til after 20 weeks. I guess she missed Stella’s birthday party as well as Liam’s preschool graduation. Apparently she just posted the pictures of them to keep things secret.

      What doesn’t add up though is the 4th of July bikini pics and such. I guess they let her go home after she reached 28 weeks, but you would think if she was on bed rest you wouldn’t see her out at the farmer’s market or walking around in a monokini somewhere?

  19. I am so pissed that Us Magazine put Tori on the cover with this false story. Tori was seen at a fourth of July event with a cast on her foot and she was photographed shopping while using a handicapped scooter, a few weeks before giving birth. She was not confined to bed rest in the hospital! Her story is one big fat lie. Shame on her for using it for personal gain and shame on Us magazine for not fact checking this story.

  20. True story or not, this is just sick to me. It’s funny how adults can be so irresponsable sometimes. I remember when they first revealed she was pregnant with this child, they’ve said they couldnt take their hands off of each other. I bet they dont think this is funny anymore.
    US should REALLY get some birth control program, even if you’re a part of the rich and famous!!!

  21. Do u really think Tori wanted another baby after Hattie?
    No one here congratulates Tori for making the difficult decision to
    go through with yet another pregnancy
    I believe this woman with incredible values should be admired
    and respected

  22. I have great disdain for those commenters who refer to Tori as phony. . .
    Tori is a woman pulled in many simultaneous directions
    Wife, mother, career. She clearly tries her best not to disappoint anyone
    She is a people pleaser, probably too much so,
    that is the worse thing I can say about her. . .I am a HUGE Tori fan.
    She and Dean show wonderful parenting skills on their show.
    The children are fortunate to have them as Mom and Dad
    God bless the family and beautiful new little Finn

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