Gwyneth Paltrow: “I Took My Time” Shedding Postpartum Pounds

Mom-of-two Gwyneth Paltrow supported her good pal, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, at her recent Pregnancy Project event in New York City.

“You can really put the pressure on yourself — I didn’t,” Gwyneth tells Access Hollywood of shedding her postpartum pounds after giving birth to her now 8-year-old daughter Apple and son Moses, 6.

The Academy Award-winning actress said that she revelled in new motherhood and took her time to lose those last few pounds.

“I was at home in sweatpants and breastfeeding for a long time,” Gwyneth shared. “I really took my time. And when I started to want to get back into shape, I was so thankful to find Tracy.”

The kids’ father is Gwyneth’s husband of eight year, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

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  1. What I find interesting in all this is that many of these women never said a word about there weight stayed hid etc & were not any front runners in speaking out about the trash talking or supporting other women until it became the in thing & celebs could see the attention that it garnered. Gwenyth is absolutley one of those that now jumps on & says yeah me too. It’s so insincere & not real at all.

  2. The real point is that, even if she might have taken her time, she’s naturally thin and I don’t think she gained that much during the pregnancies..
    So, even if she did take that time what was it? A couple more kilos than normal?

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