Chelsea Houska: Teens “Should Be Using Contraceptives”

Reality TV star Chelsea Houska has returned to television this fall on MTV’s critically acclaimed docu-series Teen Mom 2. Pregnant with her daughter Aubree, Chelsea first became known to audiences when she was cast for the second installment of the controversial docu-series 16 & Pregnant. The show became an instant hit, spawning the compelling spin-off Teen Mom.

Chelsea opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her now 3-year-old daughter who “loves Barbies and dressing up,” critics who say the show glamorizes teen pregnancy, her best advice for sexually active teens, and juggling school and motherhood.

CBS: What do you have to say to people who criticize Teen Mom 2 for glamorizing teen pregnancy?

CH: “I feel like a lot of the time people who criticize Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 haven’t ever even watched the show. I don’t understand how someone who has seen the show and watched us all have struggles and has seen us all cry would think that it looks glamorous. I personally don’t find poopy diapers, bad relationships, and school struggles glamorous at all!

I think the show does a great job of showing the reality of getting pregnant young. Teen pregnancy has always been an issue and I think some people are just uncomfortable with the fact that it’s being brought up in such a big way.”

CBS: How is Aubree doing? How old is she now? What is she into?

CH: “Aubree is doing great! She is 3 now and loves Barbies and dressing up – anything girly! She also loves to brush my hair and always tells me she wants her hair to grow long like Rapunzel’s [laughs].”

CBS: What are the greatest life lessons you’ve learned since becoming a young mom? What do you say to teens about sex: abstinence or safe sex?

CH: “I’ve really learned a lot about what’s important in life. I don’t stress about the small stuff and I’ve learned to appreciate the good things a lot more than I used to.

I think abstinence is great, but realistically, teens are going to have sex so it’s best for them to be educated on safe sex. I do think girls should be educated more on the different forms of birth control and that there are many different options besides the pill that might be a better choice for them.

Guys need to be educated too. The guy shouldn’t just rely on the girl to be on birth control and the girl shouldn’t just rely on the guy to use a condom. Both should be using contraceptives.”

CBS: Do you want more kids in the future?

CH: “I definitely want more children, but not until I’m married and have my career set.”

CBS: With your recent breakup with Aubree’s dad Adam, do you co-parent well together?

CH: “There always seems to be some kind of issue going on with Adam and people will have to watch Teen Mom 2 to see how that has been playing out.”

CBS: Are you continuing your studies at Black Hills Beauty College to be a makeup artist and hairdresser?

CH: “Yep, I’m currently in school. It has been hard juggling school and being a mom but hair is something I’ve always enjoyed doing so school has been pretty fun.”

CBS: Tell us about volunteering for animal shelters and for the March of Dimes. Why are these causes important to you?

CH: “I’ve always loved animals! I wish I could take them all home, but since I can’t I feel like it’s good to go there with Aubree to show the animals some love and play with them.

March of Dimes is important to me because Aubree was born 5 weeks early and while she was healthy, some babies aren’t so lucky. March of Dimes helps families who have premature babies that need extra time in the hospital or extra care. It feels great to help raise awareness to such a good cause.”


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  1. “Realistically teens are going to be having sex”???? What? Is she serious? I’m 19 years old and guess what i never had sex and neither have most of my friends and yeah we’ve been asked for sex lots of times. I think it would be wiser asking teenagers who DIDN’T get knocked up on how to prevent teen pregnancy as opposed to asking teen parents how to prevent it.

    • Hate to tell you, but pretending teens don’t have sex is what gets girls pregnant. Realistically, some teens have sex, and some teens don’t. Asking teens who don’t have sex how they prevent pregnancy is like asking teens who don’t drive how they prevent car accidents.

      Teens (girls and boys) need to be educated on their options to prevent pregnancy and STDS, no matter what their sex lives are like.

      • @Emily So your logic is asking a person who has been in a car accident how to prevent a car accident as opposed to asking someone who’s never been in a car accident to prevent a car accident?

        • That’s not what I said. Why ask teens who don’t drive how they prevent accidents, it’s obvious, they don’t drive. Just like teens who don’t have sex prevent pregnancy by not having sex.

          To find out how to prevent car accidents I would talk to teens who do drive, both who have been in car accidents and those who haven’t. What real world advice can non drivers give you? They’ll tell you not to drive, but that isn’t a practical solution for everyone even though it would work for them.

          • You are comparing apples to oranges. Cars weren’t made for accidents so it’s dumb to use that. Sex was obviously designed and made solely for making babies! Even contraceptives fail. In high school we had a teen mom come in to talk about the struggles of teen pregnancy and she got pregnant while being on birth control and using a condom. If a teen is going to have sex nobody should feel bad or sorry or even responsible for the outcome. Sex was made for babies, it’s the couples fault they’re pregnant. Also i never hear of someone who ISN’T a teen parent giving speeches on how not to get pregnant which is the most stupid thing ever!

      • Emily, please ignore Anonymous. You are exactly right. For teens who are going to have sex, it makes no sense to ask a virgin how to prevent pregnancy.

        • Or you could just ask those who did not get pregnant in their teenage years, virgin or not. They obviously did something right if they don’t have a baby before turning 20.

          • Asking a virgin how to prevent pregnancy is dumb. Their only answer would be “don’t have sex”. Teens are going to have sex, some of them anyway. They need REAL answers.

        • Yeah, well, this teenage virgin right here could tell you very detailed information about every type of contraception on the market, how to use it correctly & what type of STDs each of those prevents or protects against. Obviously, the pregnant teens cannot since they got pregnant or exposed to STDs by not using it.

          Just because someone’s a virgin doesn’t mean they’re not educated on safe sex & contraceptives. It just means we haven’t done the deed with someone yet.

          • What it means is that you have no idea how to use contraception in a real-world scenario. You have never gotten caught up in the moment, or used contraception incorrectly, or had a condom break or any of the other million reasons people having sex get pregnant.

            So, no, sorry, I’m not coming to you for advice either.

    • i am 17…I haven’t had sex either, but I wholeheartedly agree with her statement, teens are going to have sex…in America 7 in 10 teens have had sex by their 19th birthday. 13% of teens have had sex by their 15th birthday. So in reality, yes teenagers are going to have sex, it’s inevitable!

    • What she should of said is realistically DUMB teens and immature teenagers will have sex. Just like herself Chelsea! The girl who went back with Adam the boyfriend that cheated on her and called her a fat stretched mark b word right after she gave birth! If you are too immature to look up info for contraceptives on your own then you shouldn’t be having sex at all you are too immature for sex too.

      • But teens who are immature DO HAVE SEX. That is the point. Are you seriously not understanding or are you being purposely obtuse?

      • so what you are saying is IF you decide to have sex, I which you used contraceptive(the pill or what have you AND the Male used a condom), you talked through all of the consequences that COULD happen, and you have tried your best to prevent pregnancy (aside from being abstinent) and you didn’t get pregant. you are still dumb an immature. BECAUSE you had sex.. sounds pretty f-ing logical to me… NOT. I’m not dumb nor am I immature. I’m actually at a very prestigious college doing extremely well and guess what I HAD SEX. AND IM NOT PREGNANT NOR DO I HAVE A BABY. but sorry I forgot all of us who did decide to make the decision to have sex under the age of 20 are dumb and immature. MY BAD.

  2. She isn’t crazy. Chelsea is a great mom! And she is absolutely right… In some form or another teens will be tempted into this. Even the angels! Or so called angelic teens. Sadly, that’s how society is. And she’s saying if they’re going to make that decision they need to be protected.

  3. Some teens have sex, some don’t; I happen fall into the latter group (how shocking!). However, contraceptives are only as good as the information being given to teens. My mother & very large extended family are VERY blunt & informative about sex, pregnancy & STDs to our family’s teenagers. And so far, there’s only been one (late – 19 y/o) teenage pregnancy in the entire huge family. I think those results speak for themselves.

    I kinda agree with Anon above, though. The experts on avoiding teen pregnancy are not the teen parents themselves, but those who never became teen parents & were obviously informed on how to prevent it in the first place.

  4. Some teens have sex others don’t. If any girl watches 16 and pregnant and decides the want a baby then they seriously have issues. I’ve never seen an episode yet where the girl has said im glad I had my baby before I finished school, they all wished they could have waited. It shows people from all backgrounds. All the facts about sex including abstinence should be given but also more on prevention and what can happen if you don’t sex from STDs and pregnancies. At my School in Scotland by the time we got proper sex education when I was in my last year many girls had already left and had babies, including one who planned her child.

  5. Realistically, you can’t generalise all teenagers by saying that they are going to have sex. I’m 21 years old, and just lost my virginity. I never thought in my mind that I was abstaining, or holding out until marriage. I just wasn’t ready until then.
    Every teenager should be educated on sex, and that happens to include contraception. They may not be having sex as teenagers, but they are going to be doing it at some point in their life, and need to know all the facts.

  6. twobit needs to shut her mouth not all women of child bearing age can use contraceptives and most that do don’t use them correctly

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