Alessandra Ambrosio: Anja Is A Modeling Pro

Alessandra Ambrosio and Anja, 4, were seen walking together in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (October 12). The Victoria Secret’s model was going to have a fun night ahead. She Tweeted later that night, “Getting ready for Halloween horror night at universal studios.”

The mom-of-two is a busy bee. The night before at the Amfar Inspiration Gala she talked about how Anja likes to model.

“She does the runway by herself — she knows how to do everything. She’s like a little pro already. She likes to sing around the house. That’s her thing.”

She also said that Anja loves to sing to 5-month-old brother Noah.

She added, “Anja loves to entertain Noah. She’s all about singing to him and just performs for him. There is always noise in the house and there is always something happening. My life is never boring.”




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  1. This little girl got facial features from her parent that just don’t work together. Her father’s round face-shape and mouth, her mom’s eyes and nose. It’s like putting a small image on a large palette, just doesn’t work. I’m sure she’ll grow into the features but she really doesn’t have the looks to be a child model. Perhaps she is, if so it’s because of who her parents are, not her appearance.
    And for all the inevitable haters: 1) I, myself was a m

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