Eminem Shares Pictures Of Daughter Hailie

Rap superstar Eminem posted some sweet snapshots of his beautiful 16-year-old daughter Hailie.

“I may not be perfect,but when I look at my daughter I know that I got something in my life prefectly right,” the proud papa posted on his Facebook timeline.

The I’m Shady singer, 39, recently reunited with the 8 Mile cast for the hit movie’s 10th anniversary.

“My career up to that point was very me-against-the-world,” Eminem told Vibe. “That was the mentality that I had—“F-ck everybody.” And then all of these parents loving me? It was weird. Like, [what the] f-ck am I going to do now? I need to figure out a new way to piss people off. I wasn’t ready for that. I still don’t understand it. It is what it is. I don’t even know what that means, but it is what it is.”

Born to the name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the hip hop star is also dad to adopted daughters Alaina and Whitney.

As well, he is the legal guardian of younger half-brother Nathan.


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  1. what a beatuiful girl!! wow she’s almost 17… 🙂
    but I think Nathan, his half-brother is at least 25 years old (I don’t know exactly) so I think Eminem is no longer his legal guardian.

  2. that is not his facebook page! that’s some crazy fan who got those pictures of hailie from the internet. his only facebook page is facebook.com/eminem apparently everyone but this website knows that. and his brother is 26 therefore he is no longer his guardian. and alaina is his ex-wife’s niece and whitney is his ex-wife’s daughter w/ another man but yes he did adopt both of them but alaina, hailie & whitney’s last name is scott not mathers. this whole article sounds like it was written in 1999 “the i’m shady singer” I’m Shady is definitely not a song he is known for try: Not Afraid, Lose Yourself, No Love, Love The Way You Lie, Cleanin Out My Closet, Without Me just a few little songs he’s known for and he’s a rapper not a singer.

  3. i know that eminem doesnt have a facebook, that is his manager, but he does have a twitter account. By the way who knows what his song when i’m gone is supposed to be about? It is sending me mixed signals.

  4. Anyone who actually reads Marshall’s interviews and pretty much anything about him would know that he doesnt use computers much if at all… He has pretty much been described as computer illiterate… Therefore it stands to reason that any facebook/twitter… Etc… Pages are not actually written by him… They are about 90% fake and any with some credibility are either fan pages or run by his management.

  5. Not to mention Marshall is a very private person especially when it comes to his kids… So why on earth would any true fan of his who claims to know so much about him believe that he would actually post pics of his kids on the internet

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