Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Postpartum Outing

Stunning Sarah!

Happy mama Sarah Michelle Gellar was all smiles in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (October 12). The Buffy alum welcomed a son with hubby Freddie Prinze, Jr. just four weeks ago.

This marks the first time we’ve seen the new mom-of-two since welcoming the couple’s second child.

Baby boy joins big sister Charlotte, 3.

“Mother and baby are doing great,” SMG’s rep said after the birth of their baby boy. “And Charlotte is VERY excited to be a big sister.”

The couple have remained mum on their son’s name and birth date.


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  1. Love Sarah but it so annoying they have yet to announce the baby name and birth date. I hope they are selling the exclusive to a mag so we will have an inteview and some pics.

    • I know, it’s so annoying when I can’t focus on a celebrity’s baby and have to actually think about my own pathetic life instead!

    • CGII- perhaps they have already made birth announcement to their family and friends. Why must all celebrities announce personal baby details to the world? Cant anything be private???

      • First of all if they wanted to keep this just for themselves they shouldn’t have announced the birth either. Second, when Charlotte Grace was born, they revealed the name just 4 days after she was delivered and in early Novvember the birth story and the first exclusive pictures of the newborn were released by People magazine… private, ordinary, boring people usually don’t do that!

        • Sorry, they are still entitled to release however much information they want to. Maybe it’s not enough for you, but if they release the name, maybe next you’ll want to know how much he weighed, if the birth was natural or c-section, was he circumcised, etc. etc. etc.

  2. Aw i really want them to reveal the name! Hope Anna Paquin does aswell. I know its their personal choice and i respect that but from a fans point of view its so annoying when they hide the name!!

    • Me too!I don’t really like when celebrities sell their babies first photos to magazines but i’m obsessed with names, I love learn about their meaning and history…I learned many names in the last few years but right now i’m really obsessed with aoife and Pomeline

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