Heidi Klum & Kids: Football Family

Heidi Klum cheered on Henry with the rest of the family at his flag football game in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (October 13). Her mom Erna, dad Gunther and boyfriend Martin Kristen also came out to support the 7-year-old. after the game they all went to lunch at The Ivy in Santa Monica.

The Project Runway star recently threw a celebration for Lou’s third birthday at Disneyland.

Last month Klum talked about her budding romance to Katie Couric.

Asked if she was in a “proper relationship” she said, “I don’t even know if I  can call it that. I don’t know. He’s been with our family for the last four years. He’s cared for our entire family, mostly for our four children, helped us tremendously.”


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  1. Love Heidi and all but can she not do any thing with her kids without the boyfriend? My god even when she was married she did stuff alone with just her and the kids.

    She seems a lot like JLO jumping from one man and to another with out any break in between.

  2. I’m sorry to say but… hope he is a nice guy but handsome he is not and he has CRAZY eyes. he looks like the kind of guy that will snap and punch the sh.. out of you.

  3. First of all this man has been in their lives for the past four to five years. He’s not some random guy, but someone who has been apart of their family for awhile. Beautiful family!

  4. Guys, let Heidi live her life… This whole bodyguard thing might be pathetic, but she didn’t do any wrong to anybody, so just let it go!
    And even if the guy is certainly not handsome, who tells you what kind of person he is? Heidi said she trusts him with her children’s lives, so even if this flirt is not gonna last he certainly is a good person.

    • How do you know she didn’t do anything wrong Seal seems to think she cheated and isen’t that what you do, trust a bodyguard with your life that’s his job and what he gets paid to do.

      • No, Seal didn’t suggest she cheated, he was obviously talking about being legally divorced.. IMHO it’s clear that he meant “if she waited until being officially divorced before …”
        It doesn’t mean at all that she was cheating.
        We have no element whatsoever to say she did anything wrong, so stop accusing her. And even if Seal meant she cheated, it could easily be because he’s jealous (which is understandable). He clearly showed the temperament of a jealous and childish guy. Which mature and respectful 50 year old ex husband would have released that statement?

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