Samantha Harris: “1 In 5 Kids Is Food-Insecure” In America

Former Dancing with the Stars co-host and Entertainment Tonight correspondent, Samantha Harris, continues to speak out about hunger in America. The mom-of-two has partnered with Feeding America and Hunger Action Month for the “more than fifty million Americans who struggle with hunger every day.”

Samantha opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how “donating even just $1 provides eight meals for a family,” crafting with her daughters Josselyn, 5, and Hillary, 1 1/2, and her upcoming projects.

CBS: Tell us about your role with the Feeding America Entertainment Council.

SH: “I have been a member of the council for over three years, and as an Entertainment Council member I help to educate people about the hunger issues in America.

These issues are truly staggering. Oftentimes, we think of hunger as a third world issue, but right here in our own backyard more than fifty million Americans struggle with hunger every day.

As a mom, the fact that one in five kids is food-insecure, which means that he or she may not know where the next meal will come from on a daily basis, is something that is so striking to me. I let people know that it is such a prevalent issue here in America, and I also inform them that they can help by simply going to Donating even just $1 provides eight meals for a family.

I personally volunteer at a local food bank in my neighborhood. I help bag groceries at the food bank, and I am in awe of the work that food banks do to help feed people that are hungry. These people are not hungry necessarily every single day, where they don’t have enough money to provide for all of the food. It’s just that living paycheck to paycheck can sometimes be an issue; maybe in the last week of every month it is difficult to make that dollar stretch. If they don’t have enough money to cover that, the food bank picks up that slack.”

CBS: You also participated in a montage video for Hunger Action Month. What was the purpose behind doing the video?

SH: “The video was for Hunger Action Month, which was through the month of September. Basically, it was a wonderful and energetic month of spreading the word about hunger in America and what people can do to help out and put an end to this problem.

It’s not that we don’t have enough food in our country to provide for everyone who lives here, we actually have an over-abundance of millions of pounds of food that goes to waste every year. It’s just a matter of distribution.

Being able to help spread that word and educate people about hunger in America was key to Hunger Action Month. It was a terrific video that helps educate people, and I was thrilled to be a part of it. Nick Cannon, 50 Cent, and Rachael Ray [also Alison Sweeney and Ellie Krieger] were also a part of it. I was glad to help.”

CBS:  Tell us about your two daughters Josselyn and Hillary. How old are they and what are they into?

SH: “Josselyn just turned five-years-old in September and she is in gymnastics. She is also a very creative and fantastic artist. I am really impressed with the drawings she does, and she is growing on a daily basis with the artwork that she turns out. She is also quite the little performer with her songs and dances that she puts on around the house.

Hillary will be 21 months on the 19th of October. She is such a riot. She is very energetic and practically a one going on five; she thinks she’s as old as her big sister, because she tries to do everything she does. She is an Energizer Bunny [laughs].”

CBS: Do your daughters play together?

SH: “Yes, they play together. Josselyn is very sweet and kind to Hillary, and as much as Hillary beats up on her big sister, she just wants to be around her. Oftentimes, that’s demonstrated by hair-pulling and slapping. Hillary is still learning how to be gentle…it’s not that she’s aggressive, but rather she is just very enthusiastic with her movements [laughs].”

CBS: Are you getting geared up for Halloween?

SH: “We actually just started to decorate the house, and this weekend we are going to be doing my first decoupaging. I had never heard of decoupage before, and it is basically a fancy word for gluing things on other things. I bought some fake pumpkins and butterfly paper that has a black background with different multi-colored butterflies. I also bought some pink paper and Mod Page, which is a special kind of glue that has sparkle in it. You basically glue the paper on the pumpkin, and the glue makes it look like a fancy paper mache-wrapped pumpkin. I also bought fancy ribbon in glittery green and orange with little bats. We are going to glue all the things on the pumpkins and make some of our own decorations.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

SH: “Actually, I learned about the decoupage on the new Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show with my former Entertainment Tonight co-host Mark Steines. I had a great time doing that, and it [just] aired.

I also have a week of the new GSN show The Pyramid, which is re-do of $25K Pyramid. They have celebrities team up with the contestants to win prize money, and I am a guest celebrity on the show for a week.

So just fun projects here and there. I am still working on productions that I can hopefully talk about in the next couple of weeks, and of course I just finished NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes.”

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