Brandon Routh: “Leo Is Growing So Fast”

Brandon Routh‘s son Leo James is only 10 weeks old, but the new dad says that his boy is already getting pretty big.

“He’s growing so fast,” the 33-year-old actor tells PEOPLE. “My mom saved a pair of pajamas from when I was 3 months old and Leo already fits into them. In fact, he’s growing out of them. He’s busting out of most of his clothes, it’s hard to keep up!”

Brandon’s wife Courtney Ford gushes that they are enjoying even the not-so-glamorous moments of parenthood.

“The other day he gave me the surprise pee sneak-attack,” she says. “That cracked him up. It’s the cutest little laugh; it just kills me.”

The couple’s first child, Leo was born on August 10.

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