Christina Aguilera: “I Embrace My Body”

Singer Christina Aguilera says that she embraces all of the changes that motherhood has brought with it – including her much-talked about curves.

“Some people are afraid of change and [feel] that getting older is a bad thing, but I really love maturing and gaining wisdom,” the 31-year-old star, who is mom to son Max, tells PEOPLE. “And the experience of being pregnant and having a child and seeing what a woman’s body can do is amazing.”

Christina adds that she’s not about to let other people’s opinions drag her down: “I’ve always been one to make it very clear, love me or hate me, take it or leave it, this is who I am,” she says. “I embrace my body, and I embrace everything about myself. Coming full circle is a celebration of freedom and happiness because that’s what [my new album] Lotus is representing. I’m embracing everything that I’ve grown to be and learned to be.”

The ‘Fighter’ songstress will be taking a break from her duties as a coach on The Voice next season in order to promote her album and head out on tour. She says that she has “all the confidence in the world” in singer – and mom-to-be – Shakira, her temporary replacement on the show.

“Well, you just have to sit there, so that’s an easy gig pregnant,” Xtina jokes, adding that Shakira is a “true pro.”


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  1. She’s just gaining weight, not wisdom.
    As much as it’s fundamental to feel good with themselves and to be accepting and not obsessed with your body, I think taking care of themselves is important too. She seems like she’s just eating junk food all the time and not taking care of herself.
    I respect choices, but this case seems to be very extreme.
    And, especially, since she likes being this fat, she should dress appropriately.

    • She’s not even fat. Yes, she’s gained some weight over the past few years but maybe she likes the way she looks. As long as YOU feel comfortable with YOU that’s all that matters. If she wants to eat junk food and get a little chunkier and it doesn’t bother her, then oh well. She’s definitely not fat though! I think she’s beautiful no matter what – I do think she was gorgeous when she was on the skinnier side, but she’s still pretty & if she chooses to lose weight then that’s great, but if not she’s fine the way she is 🙂

    • Not taking care of herself? Eating extra calories to maintain a higher amount of weight does not equate to not taking care of oneself. She could be exercising, not smoking, getting proper nutrition, and have a healthy psychosocial environment. Being heavier does not mean not taking care of oneself.

      • She been drinking her As@ off that’s were the weight gain comes in and that is not healthy. If she was so happy with her new weight she wouldn’t have her people photoshop the hell out of her album cover and other things.

  2. Coco – You say she’s been eating junk food all the time, sorry but how would you know that? is she a friend? do you live in her pocket? No, don’t assume

    Alexa- How do you not she’s not exercising? have you seen her smoke? are you her personal chef so you now she’s not getting proper nutrition? what would you know about her psychosocial environment?

    Anonymous – You say she’s been drinking her ass off, really, again, do you spend every minute with her, do you hang with her? If she was concerned with her weight she sure as hell wouldn’t pose half naked for her album covers. She’s demonstrating that she’s comfortable with her body, emphasis on the her. If she’s happy and content then what it to you?

    All three of you should be ashamed, you are judging someones personal habits and life without truly knowing them.
    If a woman is happy and content and embracing herself instead of troubling herself with eating disorders, depression or addictions, then we should be proud and celebrate that, take a page out over book and teach our daughters and sons that too.

    • Oh, can you at least read????? I said “SHE SEEMS LIKE she’s just eating junk food all the time and not taking care of herself”.

      Second of all, fat is not an insult, you can admit she is. Because saying she is not fat is an insult to everybody’s honesty… I just said that, especially since she’s been slimmer for many years, this figure of her looks like she stopped doing things like exercising, or eating healthily, in general taking care of herself.
      And I said also that dressing appropriate to her frame would be more tasteful. If you look at this and you say it’s tasteful or appropriate, then you’re a liar..

  3. I think her (like MILLIONS of other moms) will never have their pre-baby body ever again. We are used to her being skinny, baring her mid-drift. She’s a mom now, and a little fuller figured. I agree that she has gained weight–anyone with eyes could agree, but, she also have a kid and bodies change. Deal with it people– it’s her business on how she eats, drinks, parties, and exercises. Poor celebrities are scrutinized for everything! If she was your neighbor that put on some pounds after having a child you would probably think “oh, she had a kid, this happens.”

    • I agree that it’s her business, but she’s talking about it, so can we.
      Anyway, every weight is fine, as long as you’re taking care of yourself. As much as I don’t like the Hollywood skinny standard which I think is so far from normal women, I also think that it’s not good for a woman to justify (to herself, not that she has to justify it to the world) this huge weight gain with being a mum. She didn’t just gain 10 pounds, she’s like double what she was before. As I said, taking care of yourself is important and doesn’t mean being skinny. She certainly doesn’t look healthy.

      • If you put her at about 105 lbs at her thinnest, are you telling me that you actually think she weighs 210 lbs now? C’mon……….

  4. For celebrity standards she’s definitely ‘fat’, because that’s how the stupid society has all us mortals used to see these people. But seriously she’s NOT fat. She gained weight and her body doesn’t looks as how it was before her baby. It’s how the majority of people look. But of course it’s a crime to look that way when you’re a celebrity.

  5. Yeah she is pretty bloated. Not just overweight. And sorry but coming from her, it sounds fake. It’s more like “Oh well. I am too lazy to deal with my weight so I’ll just accept it.”

  6. I could care less about her weight, but her hair drives me nuts. There’s fun color done right & color that just looks trashy…

  7. I think a lot of you guys are forgetting that she has been MUCH healthier looking since she had her son (almost five years ago, people). This has absolutely nothing to do with how she looks “after having a child.” Frankly, I don’t know why this website is even running this article.

  8. The problem is simple really: the world of modelling is primarily girls under the age of 23. The body isn’t fully formed at that age. Women aged 30 – 40 are comparing themselves to young adults on the catwalk and the glossies and trying to live up to that ideal. Its just not biologically possible in 95% of cases. I am 41. I am NEVER going to have the hip span that I did when I was 21 because I am fully matured now – and because I just can’t survive by eating lettuce and slivers of lean chicken everyday!!! We are biologocial creatures which means we are constantly evolving. There is no need to be obese, but its time for women to stop staring in the mirror and do something useful with life. 🙂

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