Molly Sims & Family: Lunching In Santa Monica

Actress Molly Sims and her husband Scott Stuber were seen taking their son Brooks to have lunch in Santa Monica, Calif. on Saturday (October 13).

The 39-year-old model recently revealed one of her daily morning rituals with her adorable 3-month-old son – a good old game of peek-a-boo.

“Today he was trying to focus [his eyes] and then he realized it was me,” she shares with PEOPLE. ”My baby was born with a tooth, so he had this big smile with this gap and tooth, and then he turned back into the crib like he was playing peek-a-boo. He would smile and then tuck back in and come back up.”

But one of his recent most memorable milestones was his first stroll through New York City.

“We live most of the time in L.A. so he’s only used to the L.A. sidewalks and not bumpy sidewalks,” Molly explains. ”So he was [gripping the stroller] like, ‘I’m not sure what’s going on!’ And his eyes were huge.”


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  1. Brava to Molly for having a normal, beautiful postpartum body. I know every woman is different and for some, the weight comes off easily and naturally. But for those that don’t,like Molly’s, I appreciate seeing celebrity moms looking more like us “average,” down to earth moms.

    • I really take offense when people say things like this. I am a “normal” woman. I am an “average” woman. I am also “down to earth”. I also was very careful about my diet and exercise while pregnant, gained only 27 pounds, lost 15 of it simply giving birth and had lost the other 12 within the first 5 or 6 weeks.

      I’m not special. I’m not lucky. I’m not abnormal. Stop insinuating that there is some magic formula that only some women are lucky enough to get their hands on.

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