Sarah Michelle Gellar’s New Mom Glow

SMG is in baby bliss!

Just weeks after giving birth to her second child, Sarah Michelle Gellar looked absolutely radiant at preschool pickup on Monday (October 15). Dressed in black pants, a white tank and heels, the smiley Buffy star carried her 3-year-old daughter Charlotte to the car after class. 

On September 24, SMG’s rep announced the birth of her son with husband Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are thrilled to announce that they welcomed a baby son into the world this past week,” the rep said.

The statement continued: “Mother and baby are doing great. And Charlotte is VERY excited to be a big sister.”

No further information has been announced at this time.

The Gellar-Prinzes – who have been married for 10 years – first met on the set of the 1997 horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer.


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  1. What’s so wrong with the fact that Charlotte looks like her dad.. He’s handsome and that makes his daughter a pretty little lady

    • nothing is “wrong”, but her mum is beautiful and her dad is not good looking, so since she takes after him, Charlotte is not good looking either.
      But I never said that it’s wrong or that bad looking people are mean or anything..
      Come on people, don’t add anything else to what I said, I just gave my opinion on her look, I never judged the person.. And I didn’t make fun, but since someone said she is a beauty, while she actually isn’t, I just said it..

      • “Come on people, don’t add anything else to what I said, I just gave my opinion on her look,”

        That’s the probem. It’s lame to do that. Somebody needs to tell you.

        • Oh, so it’s your mission in life to tell me that?
          Wow, good one. Honored to be so important! (sarcasm)

          Anyway, obviously beauty is relative, but this is OBVIOUS, since everyone here gives just their opinion, but sometimes it’s kind of objective that some people are more beautiful than others.

          You are commenting on gossip websites too, so please fly down.

          • I think charlotte is getting cuter and in my opinion is a pretty little girl but i totally agree with you on this last comment!amen!

      • I think Freddie’s very good looking. I don’t think those looks necessarily translate to a girl/daughter, but I think he’s very cute.

  2. There is one thing that concernse me about this picture and it’s nothing putting her down or insulting her but it’s just that if she gave birth to her son less than 6 weeks ago then she shouldn’t be holding her daughter cause doctors will tell you not to lift anything heavier than your baby for 6 weeks! That’s all I had to say on this picture.

    But, Sarah is a very talented actress also a loving / caring wife and mother!

    Her daughter is just as beautiful as her mom!

    • I think that only applies if you have a csection. And drs say those things out of precaution most women never follow the rules anyways. Most women know their bodies limitations.

  3. Charlotte is freaking adorable with that dress and sandals!!!!
    I can’t understand why the didn’t reveal the name of their boy. The fact they are very private doesn’t make any sense to me…. when Charlotte was born, they announced the birth date and the name just 4 days after she was delivered and in early November the whole family was on People mag with an exclusive interview and first pictures of the newborn…and they were already very private in 2009! This time they didn’t release any detail about the baby and I highly dobut we will see all of them on a magazine in the near future. I respect their decision of not appearing on a mag but I can’t understand the choice of keeping their mouths shut about the name. Of course I am eager to know it!!!

  4. OMFG! Really!? Ya’ll are going to argue over how this little girl looks. It’s ridiculous! I hate that celebrities children get put on the spot like this and if the child is the slight bit unattractive it’s like a big deal! Charlotte is a 3 year old little girl and she is not the least bit ugly but even if she was it’s very immature for someone to even say something about it. Looks aren’t everything, ya know?? And I hate how people base everything off of looks and compare “ugly” children to “pretty” children. It is not important and as far as I’m concerned ALL children are beautiful no matter what and even if they’re not the most attractive little kid they could still grow into a beautiful adult. So seriously guys…just STOP.

  5. Nancy you are so right! Charlotte does look like her mom.
    What a difference hair color makes right?

    I feel disgusted reading people mocking a 3year old child for the way she looks. God forbid you people would become mothers. How would you feel if you knew people saying that about the child you carried and birthed.
    Don’t spread hate.

  6. I think the little girl is beautiful, too.

    Just don’t really get it why people always freak out when someone disagrees on that front …
    In my opinion, saying that someone is cute/beautiful etc. also comes within “commenting on someone’s looks”, therefore it is also superficial (concerning “looks aren’t everything”). Of course, what else are you gonna do when you see a picture … obviously, you can rarely tell from a picture whether the persons in it are nice/intelligent/idiots etc.

    • For me, I’m just curious why people feel the need to comment negatively about a child. It makes no sense, doesn’t serve any purpose, and simply isn’t polite.

      If I walked up to you and said, “Whew, your kids really looks like her father and that is NOT a good thing. Poor kid.”, you’d be furious. Yet, if someone types it out on a message poor, the kid is fair game? Weird…….

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