Tori Spelling Thanks Fans For Support

New mom-of-four Tori Spelling took to her blog Tuesday, thanking fans for their support. She recently opened up about being on bed rest and nearly losing her life fighting for her now 6-week-old son Finn.

“I cried my eyes out reading everyone’s amazing comments in response to my US Weekly story,” Tori writes. “I thank everyone for the amazing support.”

Tori went on to say that fighting for Finn’s life was worth every second.

“When I laid in that hospital bed for months during my pregnancy with Finn I remember saying to myself “when!” my baby is finally born and we are both healthy I will share my story,” she continues. “I will share my commitment to motherhood and strength with other mom warriors everywhere. Now that I have done that, these many amazing comments confirm that it was not only a journey I needed to go through but a journey I was meant to share with others.”

The Craft Wars host went on to share some “amazing comments” from fans, many who struggled with placenta previa as well.

“The stories from the moms who also had placenta previa are beautiful and inspiring,” Tori writes. “It’s important to know we aren’t alone.  Today, a mom came up to me with her 5 year old daughter and said, “Tori, meet my placenta previa miracle. She was born at 25 weeks and is the light of my life”. The little girl was beautiful, happy, and strong. I fought back tears as I hugged this woman who a day before had known me only as a celebrity. Now, we bonded over motherhood and our miracles.”

She adds: “I promise to continue to inspire as all of you continue to inspire me. Thanks for being a part of my community that I now call a family!”

Tori is also mom to Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 1, whom she shares with husband of six years Dean McDermott.


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  1. I wonder what she thought of the comments where people pointed out that she’s lying about being on bedrest for 4 months. I bet she doesn’t feel the slightly bit of guilt about lying about that. And I don’t believe for a second that she shared that story to inspire others. She shared that story for the same reason she has shared EVERY DETAIL of her personal life, to get attention and make money. I can’t believe I used to like this woman.

  2. Ok, I just went through a very high risk pregnancy, where our lives were in question ,too…for a different reason. I was n bed rest, in and out of the hospital. I went no where except to the doctor and sono appointments, and non stres test appointments, pretty much since 26 weeks…. How is it, that while in bed myself, I saw pics of her in a bathing suit, as well as out and about? Something here isn’t adding up? And, we were due two weeks apart, since we both had our babies t 37 weeks, and she gave birth two weeks before me. Hmmm….. I am really confused! Glad that baby and her are both healthy!

  3. For fun, I did a quick search of tori… on this site. Several pics of her, up and about, SHOPPING, in August.. Hmmm, what’s true here?

  4. She was at an LA Kings playoff game on April 19 according to HER OWN twitter posting, she scheduled a photo op at her house wearing a monokini for Memorial Day, was out on the Fourth of July in a wheel chair with her ankle bandaged, attended a product placement event for Childrens lunchables with her entire family a week before giving birth and she was shopping in LA 3 days before giving birth! Her story to US magazine is a complete fabrication! Unfortunately, for Tori, she left herself open by constantly posting pictures of what she was doing during her entire pregnancy leaving behind evidence that contradicts her bogus story. She is a pathetic, attention seeking liar.

  5. I used to like her, but no more.

    Something definitely doesn’t add up about her story. I remember seeing pics of her shopping, out & about LA, in a monokini and other events.

    Why the lie to US mag??

  6. Look on Tori’s twitter. You see her pictures of her taking the kids to the movies, shopping, on various outings, at a pool party all throughout her pregnancy. I don’t doubt it was a difficult pregnancy and sounds terrifying but i don’t buy this whole i was on bed rest/in the hospital for most of it. Her twitter says otherwise, so does the magazine stores she did and so does the paparazzi pictures taken of her and the family.

  7. Direct quote from Tori Spelling accompanied by pictures of her in monokini, May 29th 2012:
    “My pregnancy is going great. Knock on wood, this has been my best pregnancy. I have been feeling great. With the first three pregnancies, I was super sick all of the time and nauseous….I would have 10 children if I could”

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