Pete Wentz & Bronx: Puppy Playtime

Rockstar papa Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper took his son Bronx, nearly 4, and their pooch Bearenstain for some fun at the farmer’s market in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (October 14). Pete was seen helping his son with his shoes as he enjoyed the bouncy castle.

Last week, we spotted the trio walking their new puppy in Sherman Oaks.

It sounds like Pete and Meagan are enjoying their new furry friend.

“All dogs just wanna get on the couch and pretend they’re humans,” Pete recently tweeted.

And Bronx is joining in on the fun. The curly-haired preschooler got to name his new little brother, Wentz’s rep confirmed.


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    • Out of all the things parents do that make their children uncomfortable, you think that long curly hair is one of them?

      Not circumcision? Piercing ears? Putting lace dresses on little girls? Forcing their feet into shoes? Overdressing them? Underdressing them?

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