Uma Thurman Reveals Daughter’s Name

Get ready for one of the longest baby names in history.

Since welcoming her third child on July 15, Uma Thurman and her beau Arpad Busson have remained mum on their daughter‘s name. And it was worth the wait.

“I would like to announce Uma and Arki’s daughter’s name for the first time officially: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson, better known to family and friends as Luna,” Uma’s rep tells PEOPLE.

While the origins of Luna’s name remains private, Uma’s rep says, “Each name has a special reason and meaning to her mother and father.”

Born in Rhinebeck, N.Y., baby Luna is the first child for the actress, 42, and Busson, 49.

She joins big sis, Maya, 14, and Levon, 10, from Uma’s marriage to Ethan Hawke, as well as Flynn, 14, and Cy, 9½, the financier’s sons with ex-fiancée Elle MacPherson.


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    • I highly doubt that she’s going to introduce herself by all those names when she meets someone on the playground. Do you use your middle name whenever you give someone your name??

      I don’t understand why everyone is so quick to be negative. Isn’t it possible that there’s a family meaning behind the middle names, or that the husband is of a culture where it’s traditional to use several middle names?

      • No, she probably won’t but what about when filling out official forms/documents? Passport applications etc will require her to put her full name. There won’t even be enough boxes to fit it all in! Can you imagine being an employer and seeing that name on a job application? Just ridiculous.

        • So now we’re afraid the passport office will make fun of her?

          I know people who have only two names that are really long (have you seen a real Greek name lately?). These things are no big deal.

  1. I’m sorry but i don’t get it. Why bothering with all those names if she’ll be called by NONE of them? I mean, seriously. That’s even more ridiculous than naming your child with an absurd name.

    • I’m guessing they got it from her third middle name Altalune. That is the only thing that makes sense.

      That is a whole lot of names!!! While each one on it’s own is pretty, it still seems like way too much when you put it all together!

  2. NOOO! LOL

    My daughter’s name is Luna. Uma stole my baby name! 😉 Thank god it wasn’t Angelina Jolie or something otherwise my kid would forever be stuck with a “celebrity” baby name. Hehe! Love Luna (of course) but the long other names are a bit goofy. And how does one get Luna from Rosalind? Why not just call her Luna in that case? I understand those names have meaning but come on….

    • i know what you mean, my daughter is ivy and beyonce stole it 🙁
      hopefully people hate the ‘blue’ part enought that it doesn’t become popular.

  3. I feel bad for her because whenever you’re in school, they say your whole name when you start a new class, and that is surely going to be embarrassing- unless she goes to the same school as Pilot, Apple, and Audio Science, then she’ll just be status quo, lol 🙂 But there are still the official documents too! I think it’s nice that every name means something her parents, but still….geez.

    • that’s what i said and I don’t know why people disliked my status..
      I mean, it’s obvious: one thing parents should consider before naming their children is how are they gonna feel about it, are they gonna be embarrassed?
      Because it’s obvious that a name like that is not “unique”, it’s just ridiculous and a source of embarrassment.

      • Prince William and Prince Harry have several middle names as well. Do you think that’s ridiculous? Do you think they find it embarassing?

        • ehm, maybe you’re missing a detail…. THEY ARE ROYALS! Royals from everywhere have always had a lot of names taken from their forefathers.
          And anyway, how would that justify giving a poor girl born in 2012 5 names, none of which sounds normal?

          • Oh, so royals have always done it, so it’s okay. But if this woman does it, it’s ridiculous. Nice double standard.

            And she’s not going to be embarassed because while her birth certificate might list all of these names, it is MOST LIKELY that no other document will. They’re not going to put that whole name on her Social Security card.

    • Again, when she’s introduced, even at a new school, I’m sure saying “Luna Thurman-Busson” will be sufficient. No embarassment there.

    • actually, when you fill out school paper work – you have the option to write in the name they go by. like if your child’s name is elizabeth but they go elle, you can state that. that way they put “elle” on her roll call sheet, etc. my daughter’s name is jessalynn, but we just call her jessa. so i put that in the name she “goes by” spot for preschool, etc.

  4. They probably tried to make this announcement in July, but it took them three months to type out the name.

    Eh, I don’t really care that they gave her a long name, I just wanted to make the joke.

    • No, but lots of uh…. ‘ethnic’ moms are on a different planet.

      There was an episode of Judge Judy on the other day and a 6-year old boy was involved. His name was “Kwazy”. Go ahead, say it out loud. Now THAT is ridiculous. A Baby Story this morning had a man named “Freud” and yesterday on the news, there was a suspect name Taweezia’shell and that Real Housewife woman’s granddaughter is named Bri’Asia.

      Now THOSE are from another planet.

      • Yeah but we can’t say those names are stupid or made-up because that would make us racist, right?
        I once knew a girl named Le-a…..not pronounced Leah….it’s Ladasha!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could beat the sh*t out of her mom.

        • You do not know a girl named, “Le-a”. That’s the oldest joke in the book.

          I love the name, Luna , and like that all of her other names have personal meaning to the parents. I just think they probably couldn’t make a definite decision on which name was official, so they just used them all. Pretentious sounding though.

  5. Rosalind is a cute name if they wanted a nickname why not Rosa? or Rose? I like Luna but I don’t see why they couldn’t just call her Luna then give her 2 middle names but a first name, 4 middle names, a double barrelled last name and an unrelated nickname is just ridiculous – it creates a confusing sense of identity and I feel sorry for her every time she will need to fill out official forms.

  6. The name is stupid, agreed. But the whole “she’s going to be made fun of on the playground” argument is ridiculous. Unless she forces everyone to call her by her 5 names, she’ll be fine,

  7. I have 5 names total with a 2 word last name and have always been called by a middle name. I have wanted for years to get married so I could ditch my first name and last name. Applications are difficult and add to that having to always correct people to not use the first name at doctors offices and in class, it can be a bit much. However, when I began coming up with names for my kids I found myself like a first middle third last name formula. It comes from wanting to honor my parents who have passed but they had names I don’t like as firsts and then other family names, etc. Plus, I’m only having the 2 so I wanted to honor my family names and parents and there was a limited opportunity. All that said, it’s a lot and I feel for her and likely she will be glad to ditch it in time. It makes things easier.

  8. lol. It sounds like a bundle of made up words! Such a mouthful. I bet it’ll take her until she’s about eighteen to learn her full name, and then how to spell it. x

  9. Seriously look at all of you judging the baby’s name….. it’s not your kid! And the names have meaning for the family. Ever think that maybe the child will like her full unique name? Get a life people!

  10. My father has 5 names (name, middle, 3 surnames) and it’s so annoying when I have to fill forms with my parents’ names, usually we have to use only his initials, because it doesn’t fit on the spaces. Whenever I complain about his long name, he answers me: “Well, at least you only have to write it once in a while. I have to do it all the time.” I’m glad he decided to give me only name, middle and surname.

    So, Uma, giving your daughter 7 names you’re not only burdening her, but her future children! LOL

    Luna is adorable, though. She should have named her just that.

    • Your father didn’t HAVE to go by three surnames. He CHOSE to. If it REALLY was such a burden, he’d have gone by one of them. It’s perfectly legal, so it’s really ridiculous to whine about something that you don’t have to do.

      • Actually, no.
        He goes one with only one surname on his regular life, but when he has to fill up official stuff (or I for the matter, when I have to put down his name), we have to use the complete name.
        But I don’t live in the US, so I don’t know if it’s different there. Here we MUST fill official things with the full name.

          • You can if you get married (then you can add your husband’s name), but you cannot change your last name or even the first name. Like, with my father, he could take off his first or middle name, but he’d have to keep the last names. So, all in all, it wouldn’t change that much and it is SO MUCH TROUBLE anyway that it’s better to keep the crazy long name.

  11. Most of heidi klum’s kids have multiple names, at least the boys. ‘Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel & Johan Riley Fyodor
    Taiwo Samuel.

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