Alessandra Ambrosio On Losing The Baby Weight

Model mom Alessandra Ambrosio says that being picked to model the Fantasy Bra, worth a whopping $2.5 million, at next month’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gave her extra incentive to drop the baby weight.

“Well, you know, actually when they called [to tell] me that I was chosen to wear this year’s Fantasy Bra I was nursing my two-week old,” Alessandra, mom to Anja, 4, and Noah, 5 months, tells OK! “He was two-weeks old and I was totally in a different world. I’m back in Brazil. I’m home nursing my baby and they’re like, ‘You were chosen to wear the bra!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my god!’”

Though she was shocked, she happily accepted the offer, admitting that she “always wanted to wear” the Fantasy Bra, which features a collection of amethysts, rubies, sapphires and a 20-carat white diamond.

“And then I look down and I’m holding my baby and I’m like, ‘Ah! How am I going to do this? They’re going to need a lot of gold right here to cover the whole thing!’ It was funny,” Alessandra recalls.

So the Brazilian stunner hit the gym and didn’t look back, quickly getting back to her pre-baby shape.

“I started working out after the doctor gave me the OK. I started taking a lot of spinning classes, Pilates. I’ve been going to the beach as much as I can. Just being outdoors, running after my kids. Whenever I can be active, I’m active.”


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  1. Plus, all the articles and media pieces about how amazing she looks and how fast she came back to her pre-baby weight, cannot hurt the brand.

  2. “Oh my God they picked me to wear the bra!!”…drops newborn baby and runs to gym to attend spin class. Can you imagine if your self worth was determined by things like getting picked to wear the bra? hahaha

    • but remember that this is her job; how she earns her money and feeds her kids, so it actually is a big deal- just how someone at a regular job gets a promotion, its the same for her, just totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

  3. Wow, there sure are a lot of jealous, catty women on here. I’m sorry but what woman DOESN’T want to drop her baby weight, even if her job doesn’t depend on her looks? All the pics and stories on this website have never made her seem like anything other than a wonderful mother, so maybe some of these people who have to tear down these women to make themselves feel better need to invest in a great therapist.

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