Molly Sims: I Didn’t Leave The House For 40 Days After Brooks’ Birth

By: Kim Grundy

Could you stay at home with your newborn for a full 40 days without leaving the house? That is what new mom Molly Sims did after she welcomed her son, Brooks Alan, on June 19th. Sims said this “40 Day Rule” is an ancient tradition to encourage bonding with your newborn baby.

“As many mamas out there already know, the days and weeks following labor are really special for so many reasons. Not only are you meeting the wonderful little person who’s been growing inside for you nine long months, but you’re really tuning in to your maternal instincts,” she writes on her website. “Following Brooks’ birth I decided to participate in an ancient tradition where mother and child don’t leave the home for a full 40 days. “

She went on to say that many other cultures have practiced this rule after baby is born. “The 40-day rule has been practiced by Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Pakistani and Sikh cultures for centuries and while each specific culture has differing reasons for the 40-day confinement, generally speaking it comes down to encouraging mother-child bonding. Kundilini yogis also practice the 40-day rule, believing that a child’s energy is connected to its mother’s and in order to ease the child into the world, gradual separation is best.”

Bonding with your newborn baby is important, but some mamas could find themselves going a little crazy staying homebound for so long. How did Sims fare?

“I am proud to say that I made it through the entire 40 days and it really was a really rewarding experience (and yes—challenging at times too!). During the 40 days I really experienced life through Brooks’ eyes and observed what a special little human he is!” she said.

This 40 Day rule is similar to the attachment parenting idea of a parenting style that helps to maximize bonding between children and parents. This rule may also work best if your friends and family make plenty of trips by the house to help you feel connected (especially if you have had postpartum depression in the past) and to help with baby so you can rest.

Some moms may love this idea, however others may need to give the baby to dad for a few hours and let them bond while they go have coffee with friends.

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  1. I’d go crazy. Also isn’t it important for newborns to go outside for some time, to improve the immune system? I’m not sure, just asking.

  2. Her life her choice her opinion, however, the bond I have had with my daughter since the day she was born did not require 40 days of staying indoors.

  3. ^This! Yes… Um, I had to take my daughter to the pediatrician at least twice in the first month she was born for standard wellness checkups, and I had follow up appointments due to having a c-section. So for MOST of us, this just isn’t practical. But, no judgements if it floats your boat…

  4. I’m assuming that she means she didn’t leave her house as in get in the car, etc. But I don’t think she means they both literally stayed inside for 40 days.. Or I am hoping. Also – given that she is a celebrity and can afford more than a typical person – she probably had the doctor or whoever was looking after her son’s health, do home visits. Again, I’m hoping that is the case.

    Regardless – I sorta like the idea, I just don’t know how practical it would be a for someone in normal circumstances.

  5. Actually I’m an orthodox and european and here it’s extremely common for mothers not to leave the house for 40 days. Religiously, the mother is “not considered good for the baby as a mother” until she goes to the church for a service, 40 days after birth. Until then, techically, someone else needs to take care of the baby since the mother is not suited. Although part no.2 isn’t used anymore, the 40 day stay-at-home-with-baby thing is still happening. My mom had a baby this march (no, I am not 12) and she had the doctor come to our house when she came home from the hospital (here you only have a check up after the baby is born, then only for vaccination).

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