Halle Berry: “I Can’t Grow My Daughter In L.A.”

In a new interview with The New York Times’ T MagazineHalle Berry talks about the paparazzi while promoting Cloud Atlas. The 46-year-old actress says being chased by photographers is hard on 4-year-old Nahla.

She reveals, “I get it about the celebrity stuff. It’s part of my job to recognize that there’s a certain part of my life the public wants to hear about. But it’s not O.K. that they’re doing terrible things to my daughter. One night, after they chased us, it took me two hours just to get her calmed down enough to get to sleep.”

Berry is fighting for a custody arrangement that would allow her to move to France with Nahla and Olivier Martinez.

“I can’t grow my daughter in L.A. You take a little child who is just trying to learn about the world and have all these people with cameras chasing after her, calling things out to her about her mother. It’s starting to make her feel special and different. I want her to feel special and different, but not for the reason of being my child.”

Asked what she would do if she could manage to evade the press for just one day she states, “I’d go to the market with my daughter. Go to Santa Monica Pier and take her on a ride. Nothing special. Just live some normal life for once.”

Berry also reveals her favorite book to read to Nahla is Harold and the Purple Crayon.

“It’s a book about creating your own reality,” Berry says. “Sometimes, with Nahla, we’ll take out the crayons and I’ll say, ‘If you could be Harold — only you’re Nahla — and you had that purple crayon, where would you go?’

She adds, “We think up all kinds of things to do and places to go. One thing about Harold, he’s colorless. That crayon can take you anywhere.”


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  1. I have a hard time feeling for celebrities that are multi-millionaires. That comes with the territory when you are mega-rich and famous.

  2. I feel for her. I obviously don’t know how she feels, but I can understand where she’s coming from. I become full on mama bear as well when something/one is affecting my child negatively. I don’t think it’s fair to say that her child should just get used to being followed around because she’s got a celebrity mom. To me it’s not okay to just brush it off and say, “Oh well she’s rich.” I think there should be some sort of law when it comes to protecting children from the paparazzi. They are after all innocent children and minors.

    • Don’t fall for Halle’s crocodile tears. She has no one to blame but herself for this situation. She could live in Santa Barbara or Montecito which are less than two hours from Hollywood and have more privacy than if she moved to Paris. This is all a big drama queen act.

  3. There are plenty of celebrities that keep their kids out of the spotlight. I rarely see Julia Roberts’ kids. Why not move out of LA and into a smaller town? .

    • Don’t for get Matt Damon among many other.

      Funny JLO, Jen and Ben, bruce willis, Jolie- Pitt, Maddon and more kids have all been photograph lately in France. Not to mention Kate Middleton topless photos which also happend in France.

      So nice try Halle but you want pricey try moving out of CA and movie to a different state before you move out the country claiming that’s the only way you can get privety.

    • What makes you think this is with the celebrity’s control? How come you don’t understand that some celebrities are *targeted* more than others, regardless of where they live?

      • Julia Roberts lives in Malibu… And when she had her three children she chose to have a low profile for her family. Halle Berry made very different decisions and feeds off of the drama.

        Halle is milking this paparazzi situation to the max for her custody battle. I’m concerned that Nahla was upset for two hours about being chased by paparazzi, but think that is due to Halle making a big scene about it rather than remaining calm and relaxed for the sake of her child. Halle is creating more fear in her daughter than the paparazzi ever could… All because she wants to move to Paris, which also happens to be a big city with paparazzi.

  4. Her daughters dad is fighting to let her move I’m pretty sure. You’d think he would want to have his daughter in a better environment…

    • You’d think he’d want his daughter in the same country he’s in……..she doesn’t have to move to france to keep Nahla out of the spotlight, we al know that. Halle Berry isn’t THAT sought-after.

      • The dad is Canadian not American. Who says that he has a right to be in America indefinitely? Maybe w/o Nahla in US, the dad’s visa would be void and back to Canada he would have to go.

        • Uh no… parental citizenship and visa status are not dependent on the child’s location. Kelly Rutherfords ex was deported back to france despite the fact that he has American children.

  5. She doesn’t have to live in LA. She certainly has enough money to move to another city, or even state, to secure a more private life for her child. Julia Roberts did it, many other celebrities do it. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Halle.

  6. She’s just making excuses because her man comes first and he wants to live in his native country. It has nothing to do with what is best for Nahla. It is about what is best for Halle and like many women with small children and a boyfriend, the child comes last. Other children of celebrities look happy and well adjusted. Maybe they’re not going to areas infested by paps. When Demi Moore lived in Idaho, you never saw her daughters. You rarely see Julia Roberts’ children. With money you can get privacy and Halle has plenty of it to achieve it, without moving all the way to France.

  7. Ya and she doing even more terrible things to her daughter by make this all public and trying to take Nahla away from her father. It’s allways someone eles falt and never her own.

    As for the paparizzi that chased her was that “TMZ” which is on her bank roll. Whom she gives information to about her custody case or calls when she wants to use as evidence for her custody case.

  8. That woman is ridiculous.
    There are other cities in the US other than Los Angeles and New York where she could get privacy.

    And even in LA, there are celebrity children you don’t see very often, even from big stars. It’s just about knowing where to go.

  9. So, move to one of the forty-eight other states in the country! Southern California & New York City seem to be the only places where paps congregate like flies, so move out & set up shop in another state or Northern California. I honestly don’t even remember what A-listers like Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, etc’s kids look like since they live away from the paps centers & we almost never see them. If people like them can hide their kids, then so can Halle. And she doesn’t need to move to France (or Paris, which is France’s paps center) to do it.

    Even Johnny Depp had to live in the middle of nowhere in the south of France to get away from the paps over there. We’re not the only country with them.

  10. Well Halle, that is what you get for being a celebrity who makes tons of money that us plain folk can only dream of! Suck it up girlfriend, you can have the privacy that many celebrities have. There are many celebs that you hardly ever see in the spotlight! You, on the other hand, I believe, love the spotlight, so that is what you get when you decided to take this job!

  11. There are just so many solutions to her fake “problem” that don’t require that she purposely and maliciously separate the child from her biological father. There are many celebrities whose children we rarely if ever see because their parents do not strategically parade them in front of paparazzi every week in order to build a spiteful custody case.

    Also, running from paparazzi is ridiculous and dangerous. (Did we learn nothing from Princess Diana’s bad decision?) Dear celebutard. They’re not trying to gun you down. They’re just trying to take a picture of you walk your kid from the grocery store to your car. If that journey is so private that you are willing to run away to avoid photographic evidence that it occurred then you might want to seek alternative grocery shopping methods. By the way, many of those paparazzi family shots are actually very, very sweet, nice pics. You might try just enjoying the free family photos instead of pretending that your life is so all important that the common folks of the world should not be allowed to see your comings and goings. Get over yourself.

    And, if Nahla had to be consoled for two hours after an encounter with paparazzi, then that is YOUR fault. If she’s stressed out or fearful of having her photograph taken, then it’s because you have taught her to be. She’s taking all of her cues from you. You selfishly create the stressful situation for your child in attempt to document manipulated facts that you hope to use in court proceedings intended to help you legally abduct the child and take her away from her biological father forever.

    You are selfish, spiteful, hateful fraud. The only thing wrong with the child is YOU. Not only should the judge rule against your maniacal plan but he should also order you all into family counseling wherein your celebrity will have zero influence on those put in charge of teaching you how to be a good mother and cooperative co-parent. The paparazzi are not a threat to Nahla. Your emotional bad health is the threat to Nahla. Spite has no place in a custody agreement. If you were the good mother you profess to be, you would know that.

  12. I’m actually a Halle Berry fan (surprise surprise someone who doesn’t, but probably should, rub me the wrong way). But, I am growing tired of her whining about this. I pretty much agree with everyone else about this, she needs to keep her daughter in CA, just out of pap infested areas. She didn’t want to move to France until she got with Olivier so there’s an obvious reason…just my two cents that no one asked for…

  13. As if France is the only option to get away from the paps. She only wants to go to France because her boyfriend is from there. Why not move to another state in the US or even to Canada? This would have the same result as moving to France except her father would still have easy access to his daughter, which is exactly what she doesn’t want.

  14. Wow,So do you people wait for a Halle post so that you can write the same comments you wrote on previous posts?
    I just read these exact comments from the same people in another Halle posts, except for a few people.

    I suggest that you try, I can tell that it can be difficult for you people, but try to not be so invested in this woman’s life. This is getting really disturbing.

    • Well, maybe it’s because Halle herself keeps saying the same thing over and over again. And if you don’t want any of us to be “invested” in this woman’s life, maybe she should keep her personal issues to herself, instead of making them public. She’s not the only celeb who lives in L.A. Her claims are full of fallacies. France is definitely NOT a paparazzi-free place, L.A. is swarmed with celebs from all over the world and we don’t see every single kid from them, and as long as she keeps coming up with this nonsense, believe me, you’ll have people commenting the same thing again.

      And this is a public blog for crying out loud.

    • @Anonymous: So, you’re saying that you took the time to go back to each article about Halle, read all of the comments and kept track of who wrote what and then compared their comments by name, to each article post? Who is invested here anonymous? YOU sweetheart! ;)- Calling the kettle black, makes you no better….

  15. if she wants a private life for her and her young daughter why doesn’t she move to Connecticut you don’t have to stay in LA to have a lucrative film career didn’t Paul Newman prove that more than 50 years ago and before he’d ever won that lil golden boy called oscar though his widow had won right after they were married. Halle is attention starved and not that great of an actress

  16. You negative people are a trip!!! NOBODY on any of these public forums know Halle, Gabe, Nahla, Olivier, Nannies or the PAPS!!! Sure, freedom of speech and “it’s my opinion” but so many ridiculous conclusions?? Really? Without any true facts SMH…
    Only thing I do know. Is I would be furious, livid and ready to lose my mind too if my child was chased down like an animal. That rich people BS is exactly that BS!! I don’t care who has managed to stay private, as someone said above, they have their targets and these folks happen to be on the list. Laws need to be made period!!! Are you people so COLD hearted that you can’t understand children should not be STALKED??!

    • Cold hearted? Most of these comments support Nahla maintaining a loving relationship with her father. They also suggest that Halle move out of paparazzi infested LA – a completely reasonable answer to her so-called problem. It’s Halle who’s cold-hearted and selfish.

  17. She doesn’t even mention the biological father who loves Nahla very much. This is all about Halle and what her boyfriend wants her to do. If Martinez wanted to settle in California, there would no none of this talk about moving to France. How nice of her to put Nahla last in this whole scenario.

  18. I’m very disappointed that Halle doesn’t realize that what Nahla needs is regular access to both of her parents. What happens if this new relationship goes up in smoke? Surely Halle will want to flee France. Poor Nahla. She’s the loser in all of this.

  19. It’s pretty obvious she wants to move to France because her fiance is from there. What is Nahla’s father supposed to do? Fly to France every time he wants to see her? Even if Nahla flies to L.A. from France, that’s too much constant flying for a little kid. Halle, you should just stay somewhere in the U.S.A. where Nahls’s father can see her easily and often. You can find a nice city where the paparzzi won’t bother you as much.

  20. Can’t grow my daughetr in LA. Listen she isn’t a plant. You are now whining about not being able to moveto France because of your boyfriend and you just want to have her all to yourself. She has a Dad. And good for him not letting you take her out of the country. He has rights too. Just because you are Halle Berry movie star doesn’t give you the right to take a child from its father. It’s called CO PARENTING . Stop making it out to be the paparazzi. Maybe its your insecurties.

  21. Can’t grow my daughetr in LA. Listen she isn’t a plant. You are now whining about not being able to moveto France because of your boyfriend and you just want to have her all to yourself. She has a Dad. And good for him not letting you take her out of the country. He has rights too. Just because you are Halle Berry movie star doesn’t give you the right to take a child from its father. It’s called CO PARENTING . Stop making it out to be the paparazzi. Maybe its your insecurties.

  22. Interesting how Halle always runs to the press and complains, while Gabriel keeps his mouth shut. Halle wants media coverage only when it promotes her agenda. She secretly likes the paparazzi following her so she can use it in her custody battle.

  23. Halle says in the interview that the paparazzi makes her daughter feel special. So why would Nahla get stressed out and take 2 hours to calm down from being followed by photographers?? Halle also claims that France’s laws prohibit photographers from taking unwanted pictures of people even in public. But it still happens anyways. None of these claims or reasons to move to France have any logical basis. Just saying…

  24. I live in France and let me tell you, if she lives in Paris she will also have paparazzis following her everywhere. The only thing in France is that the gossip press is not allowed to show a minor’s face without the parents’ consent, but they still publish the pictures – they just blur the kids’ faces. Brangelina have a house in a remote part of France and they still cannot set foot outside quietly. Perhaps she is after money, since here you can sue when stolen pictures are published. One thing I know is that she is not moving for her boyfriend’s career- nobody remembers who he is.

    • So true Brad and Angilena and kids pictures were in “Voici” (France) tabloid mag their kids faces were blured out but they were still hounded by the paparizzi.

  25. Gabriel what’s his face should go back to Canada, I can’t stand the guy. What a douche.
    The thumbs down can now begin…

    • Olivier Martinez has publicly cheated on the celebrity women he’s been linked with. He’s definitely no prize. Halle has a long history of choosing men that abuse her and cheat on her.

  26. Why can’t she just move out of LA and to another state or city? Even NYC would be a better choice. Why France?? Don’t take this little girl away from her father, Halle. Very sad case.

  27. How can someone put a boyfriend’s desires over the wellbeing of a child? I’ll never understand it, but I think it has something to do with a profound sense of insecurity and an inability to be single for 0.6 seconds. I think it’s sad when people completely reconfigure their lives for a significant other, but not for a child.

  28. I am sick and tired of this old women always complaining about nothing, why don’t we just over look her, she just want you people to feel sorry for her, don’t buy Revlon or go see her movie. She is making her kid do a lot of crazy things.

  29. There are 50 states in the U.S. – simply move to one of the other 49 and stop whining about the paparazzi-filled life you’ve subjected your daughter to by staying in L.A. I will agree however, that the celebs who keep their children in the limelight of L.A., just so they can remain in the spotlight themselves, are very selfish and in my opinion, this type of upbringing of being surrounded by attention provides a false sense of reality to the children. Not my cup of tea & not very healthy!

  30. Look,I just feel so sorry for nahla.I wish to god that her biological father gabriel was acting right,i wish he could’ve had full custody over nahla.I think it’s bad how she lives with the man that physicallt beat up her biological father and now her mother is married to him and their having a kid together,and im hearing that nahla even calls oliver “dad” i’d hate to be nahla when she sees the movie monster ball.

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