Niki Taylor: I Use The Crock-Pot Every Night

Supermodel mom Niki Taylor has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue. But these days, the mother-of-four enjoys the simple life in Nashville. She opens up to lilsugar about family life with husband Burney Lamar and her four kids: twins Jake and Hunter, 18, Ciel, 3, and Rex, 11 months.

On quick and healthy family meals: “If we’re going to have a really busy day, I have a crock-pot day. I actually use the crock-pot pretty much every night. I have a recipe book I pull from, but you can make it pretty much as hearty and as healthy as you want.”

On her fitness regime: “Well, since I don’t have a lot of time, I wake up an hour before my kids. I find that’s the only time I can grab a workout — usually a walk or a run. I have a treadmill, but if it’s nice outside in Nashville, I prefer to do my workout there.”

On unwinding on the weekends: “On Sundays everyone takes off. We like to go to church, come home, have a nice lunch, and hopefully everyone takes a nap: my 3-year-old and the baby. Then we [she and husband Burney] try to catch up on shows we’ve recorded through out week: Revenge, Nashville, and anything on the ID Channel!

On her best advice for busy moms: “It’s hard! Your schedule won’t be the same! It was hard to go back to work; I wanted to stay home at least for the first year because that’s when so many changes happen. But I think moms need to be in the moment, plain and simple.”

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  1. I just saw someone on Dr. Oz (or one of those shows- I was home sick so I dont remember which one) talking about how crock pots are all the rage now. I actually got one last year for christmas and have used it 1-2 times a month since. Everyday is alot though….

  2. Anon 4:16 you are so right. Crock pots are great in a pinch but I definitely wouldn’t want to prepare our food in one that often.

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