Rachel Zoe: Skyler Would Make A Cute Cowboy

Rachel Zoe says her son with Rodger Berman should be a cowboy for Halloween this year.

While at the launch of her Jocky “Major Must-Haves” on Wednesday – she tells US Weekly, “I think he should be a really cute cowboy because I have that already in his closet. He would make a really cute cowboy. He’s so cute. I’m totally unbiased!”

She also revealed that the 18-month-old loves to talk.

“He says more of the English language than I do at this point. He can count in Spanish and English and he sings the Alphabet. He’s amazing!”

Adding the tot has a sense of humor she added, “He just makes me laugh from morning to night. He gets cuter every second of every minute.”

Asked about designing a children’s clothing line – the idea of it is fresh but probably won’t happen for awhile.

Zoe admitted, “I think about [designing for kids] all the time. I think about all the different ways that I can be creative and what can be more fun than designing children’s clothing? Right now, my primary focus is on my ready-to-wear collection. So children’s clothing may not happen for a while.”



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  1. Sklyer is always running and smiling. He is a very happy little boy. When any baby is being carried, they rarely are smiling and laughing since they are busy looking at stuff. He is a very happy little man.

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