Halle Berry Comforts Her Tot

Monster’s Ball actress Halle Berry and her 4-year old daughter Nahla were photographed together on Friday (October 19) in Los Angeles, Calif. It looked like the curly haired cutie wanted some consoling from her mom.

The former model – who is engaged to actor Olivier Martinez – has been having ongoing custody issues with Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry. She has publicly shared her desire to move her daughter overseas to France and away from the paparazzi.

The 46-year old mama recently shared some of her frustration to the New York Times’ T Magazine.

“I get it about the celebrity stuff. It’s part of my job to recognize that there’s a certain part of my life the public wants to hear about. But it’s not O.K. that they’re doing terrible things to my daughter. One night, after they chased us, it took me two hours just to get her calmed down enough to get to sleep.”


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  1. The child doesn’t look upset to me. It looks like Halle is trying to make out look like she is having to comfort Nahla, to try to give credence for her request to move the child to France. How manipulative…..
    (And by the way, Im not a Halle Berry hater…..I actually think she’s a pretty good actress)

  2. She looks sleepy not upset if you what to see an upset child look at Suri Cruise when she around the paparazzi. This look like a photo op by Halle to support her claims, funny the other day when she and Nahla were out they both were smiling.

  3. CBS is Halle paying you because Nahla dose not look upset at all sleepy yes upset no.

    I agree with the other poster if you what an example of an unset child look at Suri Cruise 9 out of the 10 times she around the paparazzi.

    • If your saying you think she upset just from looking at a picture then your just as ignorant as you say the other posters are.

  4. Actually if you look at the photos the Daily Mail has you can clearly see Nahla is yawning. She probably had just woken up.

  5. Dear Lakesha, a.k.a. Hallie: Your definition of “ignorance” is just a tad skewed by your defensive anger. It must be so hard to deal with people whose opinions are not on your payroll. Welcome to the real world.

  6. I never see the Affleck kids upset because the paparazzi do “terrible things” to them. Nor Hillary Duff’s baby, nor January Jones’, or Tori Spelling’s kids, or Hugh Jackman’s, or Sarah Jessica Parker’s, or the Beckham’s, or Suri por pity’s sakes, should i go on?

    I think Halle Berry is really getting on my nerves with this paparazzi-only-in-L.A.-and-only-to-my-daughter obsessive issue.

  7. I don’t pay attention to this sick person, she thinks in her sick mind that she is the best looking actress in hollywood with that slow kid. Let’s be for real she never could act. When she was young they used her for eye candy, now what is she going to do, now looking like the cryptkeeper.

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