Viola Davis Is Instilling A “Love Of Self” In Her Daughter

Viola Davis‘ 2-year-old daughter Genesis sounds like a very independent little girl.

The Help star tells US magazine that she’s working hard “to instill in her a strong sense and love of self” in her daughter – a lesson that seems to be sinking in.

“When she plays with the little boys who want to kiss her, she’s slaps them and says, ‘No!'” Viola reveals. “So that’s good!”

The 47-year-old star adds, “She loves telling people her name. It’s a big one because at first she didn’t do that. She’s 2, so now when people say, ‘What is your name?’ she says, ‘My name is Genesis!’ And she screams it! She’s proud of her name!”

Genesis may have no interest in boys at the moment, but her Oscar-nominated mom has said in the past that she already has her eye on the perfect little guy for her daughter: Sandra Bullock‘s son Louis!

“Louis would be the one,” Viola decided, adding, “Sandra is the most loving, fun mother. Just fantastic!”


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  1. I love this woman! I saw a pic of her daughter on BCK; such a gorgeous little girl.

    Sandra has a beautiful boy; he is spoting a new hairstyle now. Agree with Viola, Louis and Genesis would make a cute couple in 20 years time.

  2. @ Anonymous, really, Eek? Can you please send/ post a picture of your perfect body on facebook and let us readers know where the picture is so we can all see? I’m sure we can all learn a thing or two from you, sitting behind your computer insulting others… easy position to be in eh “Anonymous”….tsk, you can even put in a name. Such harsh judgement from less than perfect people. STFU.

    • You’re right, CaramelKiss is a much more respectable, personalized name. I’m sure that’s how it’s listed on your birth certificate. And if it is, well, I’m sorry.

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