Violet Affleck Has Some Halloween Fun

The Affleck sisters were spotted with the nanny in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday (October 19). Violet, 6, toted some goodies after attending a Halloween party, while Seraphina, 3, was seen in her karate uniform.

Meanwhile, mama Jennifer Garner had her hands full after stopping by a local coffee shop.

The day before, we saw Jen and her girls enjoying another busy day. Sera and mom got festive at the farm, while Violet enjoyed an after school playdate.

Papa Ben Affleck has been busy overseas promoting his hot new movie, Argo.

The high-profile couple are also parents to 7-month-old son Samuel.


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  1. This family is starting to get on my nerves. I used to like them, but they are on this site every other day. Do they call the paparazzi? Even without the parents there are pics of the kids with the NANNY!
    Those kids are gonna be well rounded adults in the future- hope they will be, but highly doubt it.

    • well, dear, why do you blame them and not the paparazzi? It’s not like they are giving interviews every day, like the Rancics, they are simply doing their everyday stuff, it’s the paparazzi’s and the gossip websites who are responsible if we see them every day..

  2. I don’t know what she is dressed as but I love that it is obviously a home made outfit and not something super expensive bought from a shop!!!
    They seem like good parents 🙂

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