Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Swing Smiles

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her adorable 1 1/2-year-old son Skyler shared some laughs in L.A. on Friday (October 19). The mother-son suo enjoyed the swings at a local park before heading to lunch in West Hollywood, Calif.

“He just makes me laugh from morning to night,” Rachel recently gushed of her baby boy. “He gets cuter every second of every minute.”

She went on to talk about the possibility of designing children’s clothing.

“I think about [designing for kids] all the time,” she said. “I think about all the different ways that I can be creative and what can be more fun than designing children’s clothing? Right now, my primary focus is on my ready-to-wear collection. So children’s clothing may not happen for a while.”

Skyler is Rachel’s only child with husband Rodger Berman.


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  1. it’s kind of a trade-off, its really fun to look at him ’cause he is so cute, but she gives me nightmares. but whatever… looks like he is a really happy boy and she is really happy when she is with him and can show him off.

    By the way, ladies behave yourself and quit boring the rest of us with your infantile behavior.

  2. He is absolutely adorable–which is why I can’t figure out why she continues to dress him like retired 75 year old that lives in Boca Raton.

  3. Gorgeous little boy! So happy and I love how she dresses him. Soon enough he will pick his own clothes, so she is just having fun dressing him this way.

  4. I always said that people here make the dumbest comments! Get it! It’s just a kid!
    I actually agree with Anon2! Idiots you are! Reply what you want, I don’t care, because I won’t be there!

    • It’s not an insult to say that a little boy looks like a girl.. Mt little cousin does too, a little bit: he has such beautiful thick eye-lashes that it seems he has mascara on, and with such a sweet baby face it’s not strange that they look girly..

  5. i love his smile so cutest..rachel should think about a playdate with skyler and harper they both will look cute together…

  6. Whenever I see a Rachel/Skyler post, Skyler just comes across as one of her fashion accessories. Look at my son! Look what I have dressed him in today! Are you not impressed?? I’d love to see more candid shots of them.

  7. Cutest celebrity baby, in my opinion. One of the most attractive children I have ever seen in fact. He always looks so incredibly happy.

  8. Totally agree with FeliCITY, Anon2 and Ella, Skylar’s name totally fits him. Skylar doesn’t look like a girl, Skylar is an unisex name! And the Anonymous who replies Ella, I know you’re smart to know that she didn’t mean that he doesn’t look like a child, so you don’t have to attack her. Just leave it OK! It’ll ruin your day unless you’re enjoying it to have a conversation with an anonymous person, which I find pretty lame and pathetic.
    Anyway adorable child!

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