Tori Spelling Thought She Was Dying From Placenta Previa

Tori Spelling has opened up more about her ordeal with placenta previa – a condition in which the placenta covers all or part of the cervix. When she was 20 weeks pregnant with Finn – she experienced bleeding which led her to stay on four months bed rest until his birth.

Describing the night when she woke to find “massive” amounts of blood – she recalls to People, “I stumbled to the bathroom, dizzy from losing so much blood. When I got there, I thought, ‘This is it,’” there was so much blood I thought, ‘I’m dying. Not just [losing] the baby, but I’m dying.’”

She then asked 4-year-old Stella to get help from dad.

“I had to scream for Stella and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw me surrounded by blood everywhere. I didn’t want to panic her and I said, ‘Baby, will you go get Daddy? Just tell him I’m bleeding.’”

She continued, “Her eyes were as big as saucers and — this is going to make me cry — she looked like such a little toddler warrior. She said, ‘Okay, Mama’ and she ran. And two seconds later Dean came in and basically had to wrap me up to get me to the hospital.”

Spelling credits Dean with keeping their family intact. She told US Weekly, “Dean’s a super dad. He’s a mom and dad all wrapped up into oneand added, “He was dealing with so much, but he was always really positive. We had date nights every Tuesday . . . Dean would spend the night at the hospital on a cot next to me and we’d talk.”

While on bed rest at the hospital – she designed a new collection and planned Stella’s birthday party.

She explained, “It was hard because [blogging is] such a personal thing and I’m so open with everybody. I’m writing about Stella’s Fourth birthday, but no one knows that I’m in a hospital bed. I planned the whole thing, but I [was] on Face Time and not actually there. Those were things I couldn’t share, so it just felt like this big secret lie that I was keeping from everyone.”

Just two weeks after Finn was delivered on August 30 at 37 weeks – she was rushed to the hospital again after her c-section burst open.

“My intestines actually came out,” she said. “I was like, ‘Man, I’m being tested right now.’”

Now she’s just relaxing being a mother to Finn.

“It’s [been] almost six weeks and he’s smiling and grasping,” she reveals. “I just look at [Finn] and I’m like, ‘I hope you don’t ever want to go to camp or college because I’m not letting you go! Or you’re going to take me with you.’ I don’t want to be apart from him.”


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  1. She was not on bedrest for 4 months. There isn’t a 4 month break in the pictures of her out and about. And I’m sick of her exploiting her medical issues to get attention. It’s sickening.

    • You are right Rose, the photos were non-stop, including a quite infamous one at the end of May in a “monokini” and sky high heels at her home staged with Splash pap agency

  2. I think people are being a tad harsh.
    I think there is a big difference between the “Spellings” and the “Rancics” types. (I do understand that nobody compared them here, but I’ve seen them be compared before.)

    The Rancics will share anything, any time, especially if it’s paid, and/or will get more rating.

    The Spellings just seem obsessed with coming off as perfect and in control, being seen as the “perfect family”.
    And now Tori is sharing something not so perfect about herself.

    She didn’t necessarily spend the entire bed rest in hospital, and when we did see her out and about it may have a been just a 20 minute break and then straight back to rest – I do remember seeing her out on one of those grocery store mobiles because she couldn’t walk, and she may have said the pregnancy was perfect before the trouble began.

    Clearly she shouldn’t have had kids back to back, especially via c-section, she was putting too much at risk. But she did, and thankfully her baby and her are all right now, and hopefully she won’t put her body, or another baby at risk again.

    • I think Tori Spelling is definitely on the same level as the Rancics when it comes to how much she shares. She has cameras in the delivery room when she gave birth, she invited the cameras to her children’s birthday parties (and then invited additional cameras so she could see their birthday party photos to magazines AND had their parties sponsored), she tweets about her son in the bathroom, she has a website (which she makes money off of) where she writes CONSTANTLY about every little moment of her children’s lives. I actually thinks she’s worse than the Rancics.

  3. If we’re going to bash her, can people at least come up with different, more original comments then just repeating the exact same ones from her last post?

    • it’s difficult when websites post the exact same story 3, 4, 5 different times. seriously, at this point they’re just rearranging the paragraphs in a different order and posting it day after day. it’s obnoxious.

  4. Sure, we can. She is a fame seeking attention wh*** who does not have an ounce of integrity in her body, which dates back to her cheating days and culminates with this BS story! How is that for an original post?!

  5. Yeah I have to agree. I am getting sick of hearing about this. I understand that this is a scary thing to have happen and the possibility of losing a child would be very stressful but my God. This happens to plenty of women every day and they move on and enjoy their babies. Quit milking it already. We get it. It was a tough pregnancy. If nothing else, this should be a big huge sign from somewhere to invest in some damn birth control. I hope she tied her tubes.

    • Women who have have hysterectomies are still 100% women as well. It’s sad and kind of sickening that you equate a person’s entire womanhood on the status of their uterus.

    • 100% woman still??? LOL, I didn’t realize that if you had a hysterectomy that you were only 98% woman after that.


  6. Tori’s comment to People about how this pregnancy with her fourth child Finn was “The best pregnancy yet…” was made at the end May, coordinated to come out with her staged Splash baby bump “monokini and high heels” pics. This would be AFTER her supposed 10 week hospital stay which according to her began at 20 weeks into her pregnancy. So do the math, it doesn’t add up

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