Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s Lil’ Pumpkins

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale packed on the PDA at Shawn’s Pumpkin Patch in Culver City, Calif. on Sunday (October 21). The longtime couple were joined by their two sons – Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 4 – along with the nanny, Gwen’s dad and the new family pooch.

The Rossdale brothers, who were dressed as draculas, had a blast jumping around the bouncy castle, riding the train and picking out the perfect pumpkins.

The day before, we spotted Gavin and his boys – again with their new puppy – at a bookstore in Studio City.

Looks like the rumors are false. “Over the past two years they’ve spent less and less time together,” a source recently told In Touch of Gwen and Gavin.

The insider added: “They used to be affectionate with each other and laugh a lot. That never happens anymore.”


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  1. Kingston looks like the world’s biggest brat. 4 adults for 2 kids is ridiculous as well. And why are they always dressed up? I bet they throw fits if they aren’t allowed to do what they want. nice parenting!

    • An entourage/nanny brigade when both parents are present? Can’t understand that one either. Even in the world of multi-millionaire celebrities, these 2 really take the cake. Sure, get a nanny (or 2 or 3) — these celebs have busy lives and the resources for lots of help – but spend some time alone with your kids too..

      Naomi Watts, Jen Garner, Katie HOlmes, etc., etc., have cash to burn too I’m sure, but for the most part, they only seem to use the nannies when they are working or travelling. These 3 are constantly pictured spending one on one time with their kids – without the nanny there 24/7.

    • seriously
      kingston goes to my sons class and he is the most well behaved little guy i have ever met! he is a really cute and talented little boy!!
      only reason why he looks so upset on some pictures is probably because of all the paparazzi around! i would love to see your child!! it wouldn’t be happier would it?? 😉
      all i can say is that he’s a great and cute little boy.

      you can’t judge someone that you never met before..
      some people need to grow up..

  2. ITA re: the adults to kids ratio – totally out of whack (unless kids are ADHD or special needs..) You must be new to the site because it would be a cold day in h*ll before you’d ever see Gwen without at least 1 nanny when she’s out with the kids. Even when her (not so helpful) husband is there, nanny is right there to pick up the slack and deal with the cr*p.

  3. They look adorable! That’s all I can tell from these few pictures we get to see every now and then.
    Too bad I don’t posses any special abilities like some people to actually see how they’re being raised or how they behave.

  4. I dont care as much about the Adult to child ratio but I do feel bad for puppy in second to last pictures as it looks like Zuma is pretty much holding it by its neck.

  5. I can’t understand why this woman still bleaches these kids’ hair. Does she want them to be exactly like her? They are perfect the way they are. Leave them alone. Also, a puppy that young shouldn’t be in public. I can’t imagine it has all of it’s shots.

    • Has it EVER occurred to you, in your tiny pea brain, that their FATHER has some influence over that? Or do you have a special investigative report that shows proof-positive that not only is their hair bleached, but it’s their mother who forces it on them?

  6. Well, Gwen has said herself that her sons act crazy or wild. Though they are adorable. I don’t know their life, but I am going to give my two cents (and before anyone chimes in with “you can’t judge their life, you’re jealous, mind your business, etc GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. People judge, it’s part of life, get over it) I’m all for women having a career/identity outside being a mother, but does this woman ever have her kids alone without a nanny? It seems like they do all the “heavy lifting” of her motherhood. I hope they have a close relationship with her when they get older, I’d probably resent her a little bit if I had nannies spending more time with me than my own mother. But that’s just my observation. (Please refrain yourselves from calling me an “idiot” which seems to be the go to thing when someone disagrees with what you say on here. Dumbass is preferred.)

    • If the idiot shoe fits, wear it. And it DOES fit you.

      Do you know why you qualify as an idiot AND a dumbass?
      #1) Because you presume that the nanny spends more time with these boys than their mother does, yet you have no knowledge that this is actually true.

      #2) Because you don’t hold their father to the same judgement and you, and lots of other posters, will talk about HER being a bad parent but he seems to get a pass.

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