Billy Crystal: Proud Grandpa At Pumpkin Patch

When Harry Met Sally star Billy Crystal was photographed with wife of 42 years, Janice, and their grandchildren at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (October 21). The proud grandparents – who have grown daughters Jennifer and Lindsay – were all smiles as they picked out the perfect pumpkins with their little ones.

The funnyman, 64, recently opened up about his role in the highly anticipated Disney/Pixar prequel Monsters University.

“He’s my favorite character I’ve ever played,” Billy told The Hollywood Reporter of voicing Mike Wazowski, the green, one-eyed monster. “This time, they’re in college — 17 and 18 years old — they made us look younger, and I have a retainer. It’s how they discover who they are.”

The actor will be competing with himself at the box office, in his upcoming flick Parental Guidance costarring Bette Midler.

“I’m excited about this movie as anything I’ve done,” Billy said. “I think this relates to families on all different levels — it’s a very, very funny and very, I think, very heartfelt movie about [what] these young married [people] are going through with their kids, and how they relate to their parents and their grandparents’ roles in the families.”

Billy said he’s receiving positive feedback on the film, set to hit theaters on Christmas Day.

“When I get that reaction, it’s the same reaction I got when I told people about the idea for City Slickers. ‘Three guys cattle drive…’ and they went, ‘Oh I wanna see that.’ It’s a beautifully funny movie.”


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  2. Awww, with their grandchildren, how cute! I LOVE Billy Crystal, one of my favorite actors. Nice to see a celeb couple doing “normal” things.

  3. How about Billy &friends that hail from LI getting together for an evening of entertainment to raise funds for towns like Long Beach ,Mastic Beach ,Breezy Point ,it’s something people are talking about …it would be greatly appreciated ,much needed food for thought ,please consider ,warmest regards,Robin S.

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