Victoria Beckham & Harper: Girls’ Day Out

Mom-of-four Victoria Beckham enjoyed a day with her daughter Harper, 1, in New York City on Tuesday (October 23). The pretty pair went shopping at Prada, Baby Gucci and Miu Miu in midtown Manhattan.

The mother-daughter duo were later seen departing NYC at John F. Kennedy International Airport. In heels and a sleek black outfit, Victoria effortlessly toted her tot who sported a stylish hooded coat.

The Posh mama has been globe-trotting with her girl. Last week we spotted baby Harper out with Grandma Beckham while Victoria worked on her fashion designs.

While working, the fashionista kept her fans updated on Twitter, writing, “Today mummy wearing Prada and Harper wearing Burberry.x vb”

Victoria and her husband, soccer star David Beckham, are also parents to sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, and Cruz, 7.


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    • There are tons of pictures of her looking at her, touching her face, holding her up in the air. Very cute. check it out. http://www.zigazig-ha (I cant put the dot com after it because this site doesn’t allow me to paste links.) Go there, then click on the Gallery. Go to Beckhams 2012. Then click on the most recent set of pics. There are the cutest pics of her little teeth in the front on the bottom. She is GORGEOUS.

      • I can’t believe I wasted my time, but I *did* look at that website. And this woman is LOOKING AT her child in one photo out of 125. She isn’t smiling in any of them. And the only touching her face I see is where she appears to be trying to turn the baby’s face. Sorry, she’s creepily weirdly miserable to me.

        • I never said anything about her smiling in the pics. On that site there are pics of her picking Harper up over her head and kind of swinging her back and forth in her arms, which is commonly done as a playful gesture.

          You are correct, she doesn’t smile in public at her kids. But i think most of the time we see them it is for 20 seconds as they get out of a car and walk into a store/hotel, and vice versa. Or walking through a crowded airport with falsh bulbs going off all around and gawkers staring. What is she supposed to do . . .smile ear to ear and make googley eyes at Harper? Or put her down on the cement and start playing patty-cake? For most moms traveling with a baby, as long as the baby isn’t crying or fussy, you are going to act “business as usual”, which does not include entertaining your perfectly content child

          • Nobody is asking for a show, but you have to admit that she NEVER smiles at her children. That’s not opinion, it’s fact. And it’s completely weird that a woman who is photographed so often NEVER smiles at her children.

    • I’m sure she is very happy at home where no one judges her. She suffered the insults she got because of the spice girls and wanted to change her appearance. Give her a break. It cant be easy trying to please the public.

      • What are you talking about? What does changing her appearance have to do with looking at her child? Or talking to her child?

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