Hilary Duff Tweets Her CUTE Kid

Such a beautiful boy!

Adoring mom Hilary Duff just had to share this sweet new photo of her 7-month-old son Luca Cruz today, taking to Twitter to write, “What kind of award do I get for making such a CUTE child!!!!?????”

Getting in the spirit for Luca’s first ever Halloween, Hilary and her husband Mike Comrie were spotted taking their son to the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch over the weekend.

The trio are one of a ton of famous families to visit the star-studded patch so far this month.


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    • Give me a break. I’d question a mom who didn’t say their kid was the cutest out there. Regardless, he is absolutely beautiful. And those eyes are the darkest blue I’ve ever seen!

      • I think you need to take your own advice. i have never, never ever … and my kids are both Ford models, tried to take credit for myself for the way they turned out, at least not in public . how about thanking the higher powers. yuck, it’s typical for celebrities, look at me, look at my cute child, look at my wonderful life….

          • the fact that you have DNA is the higher power. medically there is no reason for your heart to beat. it just does. Bumlebees by the laws of areodynamics do not have the capability to fly, but they do, don’t they? it’s really pointless to argue over this, you and I have no proof. but I have a belief.

          • you just proved my point. your life sucks and your reality blows and that’s why you have to look at Celebrities’ perfect lives and kids and drool all over them and insult other posters for simply expressing an opinion. I’m good, baby, life is wonderful and I don’t even have to go to church. faith is all around me. especially in the faces of my kids, every day. hit a nerve there? peace!

        • bubbles, I am sorry to tell you this but you sound like an ignorant 13 year old or a brainwashed 40 year old Mormon. Maybe you should read other books, from time to time? It will help you … live.

  1. He is adorable. In some pictures he looks like his dad and others his mom. In this picture he looks so much like Hilary. Very cute!!!

  2. Aw, he looks so much like his mother in that picture! As baby’s go, he’s not that cute, but I guess every mother is convinced their child is the cutest. xx

  3. Wow! He’s definately a cutie, but why do people have to get all stupid about a freakin post?? It’s definately not worth making a big stink over it!!

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