Joshua Morrow Prepares For Daughter

Young and the Restless star Joshua Morrow and wife Tobe  are proud parents to sons Cooper, 10, Crew, 7, and Cash, 4. In less than three weeks, the couple will welcome their first daughter into the mix — and the soap star freely admits the addition wasn’t exactly planned.

“This was a total surprise for us. I, in particular, was done,” Joshua tells Access Hollywood. “My wife was really scared it was going to be another boy. She got her dream and a little girl will be here very soon. So it was meant to be.”

While the older boys are excited to meet their little sister, Joshua admits his younger son isn’t exactly on board yet.

“He is already starting to see his toys being moved to different parts of the house,” he says. “He is starting to make his own rules about where the baby can and can’t go in the house. When it gets its bath or where it sits at the dinner table has been a very big topic so Cashy Boy will pretty much decide this all for us.”

Although Cash has already given his little sister a name – Princess Pickle!

And how is the hunky actor, 38, preparing for a girl in the house?

“All we do is wear baller shorts and like flat brims. I have no idea how to dress a girl! I don’t know do the hair and the barrettes,” he shares. “My wife is convinced it’s a sea of pink and dance classes in her future, but I still think she is going to be a tough as nails little chick!”

We can’t wait to hear about Princess Pickle’s arrival!


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  1. Hi Josh!! I have watched the Young and Restless before you were on, and my daughter who is 24 now,I gave her the name Ashley after Ashley Abbott.You remind me so very much of my son Freddy who is 34. He lives in Tulsa Ok..and you two have the same smile.He is 34 years old. My daughter knows the story behind her name. Eileen Davidson is such a pretty actress.Love watching you. I have been laid off for almost 1 year now,so I have loved that I can watch my favorite soap. Thank-you so very much for your time.Keep safe Nick!!

  2. Toby your Grandpa Jim was my Moms Brother. We have lost so much of the Family to death, I would love to try to get in touch with all of my Relatives. If you would look me up on Facebook that would be great. I filled in my email address and my Facebook is under Susan Martin Grogan. I hope you will look me up.

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