Imogen Thomas’ Painted Pumpkin Bump

Welsh glamour model Imogen Thomas, who is around six months pregnant, got into the Halloween spirit on Wednesday (October 24) and painted her baby bump to resemble a pumpkin.

“Loved painting my bump…fun times 🙂 glad u all liked it (well some) 😉 now I’m in the bath! Been waiting for this all day,” the reality star, 29, tweeted.

With the help of a friend, the mom-to-be decorated her belly in bright orange paint and added a festive face, mimicking a traditional Halloween jack-o’-lantern.

The Big Brother star recently revealed her fears about pregnancy weight gain and losing control of her body.

“I know it’s natural and it’s just my body preparing for childbirth, but I hate how big I’m getting!” she said. “I’ve lost control of my body. I’m putting on weight on my sides and I’ve got bingo wings,” she adds. “It’s depressing. And my hips have got a lot wider. I tried my jeans on the other day and I couldn’t even get them half way up my leg!”

Imogen is expecting her first child with boyfriend Adam Horseley.

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