Lily Allen & Family: Babymoon In Morocco

Lily Allen and her husband Sam Cooper were seen with their daughter Ethel at their resort hotel in Marrekech, Morocco on Saturday (October 13).

The Smile singer – who is expecting their next child in December – carried the baby’s belongings while dad carried Ethel, almost 1. Lily recently took to her Twitter page to share her Halloween plans.

She wrote: “Where can one purchase proper pumpkin carving tools in the London area. I am stepping up my game this year.”

As for the holidays – let’s see if the baby arrives on time. The family is expecting their new addition in December.

In 2010 Lily lost her baby when she was six months along. She also suffered a miscarriage in 2008 when she was expecting a child with Chemical Brothers Ed Simons.


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  1. Flying isn’t recommended in late pregnancy and you’d think Lily of all people would be more careful considering her history of losing babies. I don’t know, it just seems careless.

    • She could have more than two months to go…that’s completely safe to travel. Pretty judgmental of you, I’m sure Lily is more than aware and wouldn’t do anything to put herself in jeopardy.

    • you have no idea how far she is in pregnancy and how many weeks she still has to go. Shame on you for writing so about her without knowing.

    • Airline companies have very clear rules about pregnant passengers, so no need to give us your personal philosophy. (Although just today a woman gave birth on her way to the Dutch airport…)

    • I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be judgmental. I’m just saying that it’s one of the many, many things that are rumoured to be bad during pregnancy and that, seeing as Lily has had particularly bad luck with her pregnancies, you’d thing she’d be more aware of the risks. I’m sorry if I sounded like I was preaching. xx

  2. I used to like Lily, and admired her for calling her daughter something so old fashioned (even though I personally can’t stand the name) – but since following her on Twitter, I find her very annoying – all she seems to do is try to cause controversy and get into fights where she won’t stop until she’s had the last word. She’s a very confrontational person, and seems to really enjoy getting into fights. Hopefully, this is something that won’t come into play on her parenting, especially once the kids are old enough to talk back to her. :-/

      • Why d you have to answer like that, as if the person before was insulting or violent? They just politely expressed an opinion, who is more than legitimate to have.
        I hate how on this website as soon as you express a polite critique on something you’re suddenly attacked from many people, who are so ready to insult you.
        I mean, stop accusing people of being jealous, negative, judgmental, or whatever else! It’s absolutely fine to have an opinion and to say “Well, maybe this thing that this person did is not so wise”, without meaning it as an insult and without being insulted on our own..

    • I actually agree. I recently unfollowed her bc she is highly contoversial with many things to the point of being annoying!

      Ethyl is her mini me!

  3. I’m really happy to see, that everything seems to work well in her pregnancy.

    I was really sad for her and her family about all the grief that they had to go through before.

    So nice to see Ethel, not my favourite name, but the lil’ girl is so adorable!

  4. Shouldn’t it say the couple is expecting their third child? Their first child was lost at six months, their second child is Ethel, and the third one she is carrying. It seems kind of insensitive to not include that angel baby.

    • I thought the same, when I read the article.
      People often don’t wanna talk or think about something like that, but for most of the parents its important to count the babys.
      Also don’t know if Lily maybe sees that as her fourth.

    • the comment said “expecting their next child”. I think it was the website’s way of respecting the first baby lost while being neutral

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