Lisa Ling Is Being “Very, Very Cautious” About Pregnancy

Just days after sharing her pregnancy news with the world, mom-to-be Lisa Ling says that so far it has been smooth sailing.

“I’ve been so lucky – I have felt completely normal the entire time,” she tells Access Hollywood. “Other than the fact that I feel like I’m getting this big gut, I didn’t have any morning sickness or anything.”

Now into her second trimester, Lisa says that she’s made some lifestyle changes since finding out that she’s expecting.

“I’ve just been trying to be very, very cautious about everything… with diet, with exercise,” says the TV journalist, who revealed a previous miscarriage at 7 weeks in 2010.

“I used to do extremely rigorous Bikram yoga in 110 degrees and I would go on these long jogs,” Lisa explains. “So, I’m just trying to temper it a little bit. I’m now just doing stairs up and down, which is great to do at hotels.”

Lisa shared the pregnancy news this week during an interview with Anderson Cooper, revealing that she and her husband Paul Song are expecting a girl.


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  1. Someone should tell her being cautious is a good idea…especially if she feels completely normal, like she says. I’m not saying anything is wrong but…morning sickness is a good sign. Feeling just like you did before getting pregnant is not. I had two high-risk pregnancies and one thing my doc warned me about was that if my morning sickness suddenly stopped, to call right away. Morning sickness is a sign that all is well. You should NOT feel just like you did before getting pregnant.

  2. Congratulations to Lisa & her husband, wonderful news. Sending wishes for a happy & healthy pregnancy.

    BWilson – Every pregnancy is different. Whilst mine was very difficult I have had friends & relatives who, had it not been for their bump wouldn’t have even known they were. While some of us have a hard time of it, others are lucky enough to feel pretty “normal”.

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